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Keeping the Holocaust Secret and Denial of the Holocaust

The Germans tried hard to keep the mass extermination of the Jews during world war 2 a secret. Despite the masses of evidence that it occured, people back then and today deny that it ever happened.

Sam Cler

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Keeping the Holocaust Secret and Denial of the Holocaust

Keeping the Holocaust a Secret
Denying the Holocaust Holocaust Denier Claims CLAIM: Auschwitz was not a killing center. According to the records held at the camp only 69,000 people died there; all of natural causes.
RESPONSE: Those 69,000 people who died of natural causes are just those who were registered at the camp. It does not include the more than 900,000 people who were taken immediately from the trains to the gas chambers and were never registered at the camp. CLAIM: Even modern creamtion ovens can only dispose of around 19 bodies per day. So even if the ovens they had back then could operate at that rate there would only be time to dipose of around 85,000 bodies at a large camp. Not the rumored 11,000,000 killed at the camps.
RESPONSE: The nazis didn't take the time to thoroughly cremate each body so they could do many more per day. They also would stuff the ovens to capacity which allows the disposal of bodies to be much faster. CLAIM: The gas chambers were actually air-raid shelters with gas tight doors for better protection.
RESPONSE: The chambers were much closer to the prisoners than to the soldiers or SS guards in the camps. Also much evidence of the use of zyklon-b has been found in the chambers and camps. CLAIM: There is no official document calling for Hitler's alleged plan of the "Final Solution".
RESPONSE: It is true that there is no actual document calling for the extermination of Germany's jews. However, it was a commonly shared idea throughout nazi leaders. Therefore there was no need for a document since the idea was known among Nazi leaders. Many people during WW2 and even today denied that the tragic event of the Holocaust. Any claim they make has been countered. CLAIM: There are no mass graves at the site of the Treblinka death camp.
RESPONSE: Evidence that all of the areas of soil around Treblinka are undisturbed is false. Only one small area of dirt has been proven that it could not have been used for a grave. CLAIM: Poland's weather would have made it dificult for the cremation ovens to work efficiently due to the large amounts of rain and snow.
RESPONSE: It is true that most of Poland has a lot of annual precipitation that would limit a cremation ovens effifiency. However, the regions where most of the camps were located had much milder weather with much less rain and snow. The Nazi's did many things in order to keep the mass extermination of Jews and other peoples during the Holocaust. Destroying Evidence
near the end of the war the nazi's tried destroying the massive crematoria
any nazi papers documenting what happened were burned
tried to destroy the gas chambers
all of these actions did very little to hide the existance of the death camps

Ruins of a gas chamber Hiding the truth: on the run
as allied armies approached, the Germans evacuated the camps
they forced prisoners to run to the sea where they would be killed
these "death marches" also did little to hide the truth Keeping it Secret
Nazi officials worked to keep information about the Holocaust kept quiet
the Holocaust was unknown to average citizens of Germany
Nazis avoided writing down things about the Holocaust or the camps as much as possible
very little detail was given on orders reguarding the mass exterminations
Code words were used such as "special treatmeant" which could be used as code for killing that person Not only did the Germans try to hide the Holocaust, but many of them denied the fact that it ever happened. The key beliefs of someone who denies the Holocaust are; Jews were not targeted for extermination, over 5 million Jews were not executed in concentration camps, and that any Jews who did die were not killed by the Germans. However, we know all of these beliefs to be not true. The first organized movement of Holocaust denial didn't occur until 1979 with the founding of the Institute of Historical Review. However, many Germans during world war 2 denied it as well. A group called the Nizkor project was founded to fight Holocaust denial. It was created to honor those who were killed. The end. Hit the back arrow until you are back to the beggining of the presentation.
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