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Star Trek: TNG Characters

Character Traits

David Quan

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Star Trek: TNG Characters

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Commander Riker
Born on Earth, North America, Alaska
Mother died early on and he was raised by his father only.

Commander Data
An android, created by a human; does
not have emotional traits. Dr. Crusher
Chief Medical Officer, widowed, single mother
human, born on the moon Wesley Crusher, son of Dr. Crusher, father was killed in action Counselor Troi, born on the planet Betazid, was half-human also (inter-racial upbringing), and had telephatic abilities Geordi LaForge, born on Earth, Africa. Born blind. Becomes Chief Engineer of the Enterprise. "Q", omnipotent being with supernatural powers; questions humanity's existence. Captain Jean-Luc Picard,
Born on Earth, France; raised
in a traditional family growing
grapes for wine but always
interested in science and astronomy;
Commanding Officer of the USS Enterprise Worf, born on the planet
Klingon, but was orphaned
and adopted by humans at
a young age; warrior; security
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