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The Truman Show

No description

Michelle Frost

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of The Truman Show

The close-up camera focuses us on Christof, and the shallow depth of field has the same effect.
The low lighting in the background removes any distractions from the subject.

What is the Effect?
An in-depth analysis of The Truman Show

by Lindsay Frost, Craig Stevens, Isaac Sandy
"While the world he inhabits is, in some respects, counterfeit, there's nothing fake about Truman himself. No scripts, no cue cards. It isn't always Shakespeare, but it's genuine. It's a life." Christof
The Truman show is a political satire science fiction made in 1998. We follow Truman, as he slowly discovers that his life is a reality television show.
Directed by Peter Weir, written by Andrew Niccol and produced by Paramount studios, The Truman Show was a financial and critical success, earning numerous nominations at the 71st Academy Awards, and Winning 3 Oscars.
The Cast includes

Jim Carrey as the lead,
Truman Burbank.
Laura Linney as Truman's Wife, Meryl Burbank/Hannah Gill
Noah Emmerich as Turman's Best friend Marlon
Natascha McElhone as Truman's true love Lauren/Sylvia
Ed Harris as Christof,
the creator
-Truman lives a normal life, everyday he does the same thing. Ex, says hi to the neighbors, gets a magazine for him and his wife.
Something is missing from his life though
The use of a vignette camera allows us to determine when we are seeing Truman through "The Truman Show"
perspective, the one the audience sees. The camera in this mode is used throughout the movie to show candid shots of Truman's reactions.
Truman's best friend Marlon is the only one who he willingly tells his true feelings to
In Truman's daily routine he in comes across his father as a homeless man
The Middle

Truman confronts his mother about seeing his father in the street
That night Truman is in his basement going through all of his old childhood things

Truman thinks back on when him and Lauren ran off to the beach at night
Truman starts to ripped out fashion magazine pictures to remember Laurens face
Truman generally starts to get paranoid and notices that's there a tv crew watching him, instantly he gets removed from the bulidng
Truman, his wife and his mom are looking at photos and Truman notices Meryl's fingers are crossed
Truman sits in the driveway and notices a pattern with the acitivities in the neighborhood
After leaving the driveway Truman takes off with Meryl and tries to leave seahaven ,once hitting the power plant a cop calls Truman by his name
That night Meryl offers Truman a new drink she got offers in like a commerical , Trumans freaks out , Marlon comes over to see whats happened
The ending
After the situation happened the weekly show called "Trutalk" interviews Chrisof about the show
The opening to the Truman Show speaks to many of the themes and ideas that present themselves in the movie. A common recurrence is the "Big Brother" aspect present in Truman's counterfeit life. He's constantly watched by millions of people, 24/7, 365 days of the year.
The stylistic elements of the movie are used to emphasize the contrast between Truman's exposed life, and Crhistof's concealed one.
During the interview they get a phone call from the ex co start "lauren" telling them that this is a bad choice
We are presented to Christof in the first scene. We get introduced to the orchestrator of Truman's life.
When finding truman in the basement he makes a make-shift of himself sleeping, Chrisof gets suspicious and sends over Marlon, he finds out Truman escaped the house
Chrisof cuts the transmission of the show and has the whole cast and crew searching for Truman
Finally searching through every camera Chirsof finds Truman sailing on a boat and almost tries to kill Truman
Truman successfully makes in through the storm Truman crashes his boat into the wall of the studio and finds a set of stairs he can go up at the top chirsof offers for him to leave or stay, which truman choose to leave.

Christof has a central role during the movie, serving as Truman's antagonist.
Musical score is used very sparingly during the movie.

It is used during the most emotional scenes of the movie, but under the direction of Christof, suggesting it is to manipulate the audience to an emotional state.
We get introduced to Truman's wife, which reveals to us the general opinion of the Truman Show in the eyes of the public.
There are two types of cameras used to tell the story in The Truman Show
The "Aware Camera", is the camera that records Truman as a broadcast...
And then, there is the omnipresent camera, which is Truman unseen to the characters inside the actual movie.
What does this do to the movie?
Normally, in movies cameras don't influence the characters of a movie.
The Truman Show is different; the camera is part of the world.
"To me, there is no difference between public life and private life; my life is the Truman Show, it is life."
Truman's life is "controlled".
This is a running theme in The Truman Show; a perfect society free of the struggles of the outside world.
The world inside Truman's reality is pleasant and welcoming. Everybody around Truman is friendly, happy, and social.
Many of the scenes of the movie are setup to appear as a "candid reality show"
The use of vignettes, suggesting high FOV cameras.
Candid shots using "imperfect", improvised lighting.
Unconventional angles and layouts,
Objects that occupy the foreground, concealing the camera
We know what is fake, because we grew up with a real moon, and real stars, but to Truman, this is the only thing that is real.
If the viewer was not introduced to these candid cams, how could they believe Truman's world was fake?
So as we are shown the lattice work of Truman's false reality, we can grasp how complex the system really is.
The lighting in The Truman Show is always "bright and sunny", to reflect on Truman's mood.
But scenes involving Christof are always cast in sombre lighting.
His face is usually lit by monitors, the background dark and uninteresting.
"The Doctor Claw effect"
We subconsciously assume that individuals illuminated only by monitors have ulterior motives.
All of these elements present themselves in the opening scene, and it establishes the framework for the plot of the movie; The struggle Truman will face as he tries to overcome his fake and surreal life, in the hopes of finding true love.
Thank you for listening to our presentation!
"Good Morning! And if I don't see you again, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!
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