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Football Hero

Book Report

Ludwing Campos

on 18 February 2011

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Transcript of Football Hero

Football Hero There are a few characters
this story. The main ones are Ty, Charlotte,
Uncle Gus, Aunt Virginia, and Thane.
Charlotte is Ty's cousin. Thane is Ty's big
brother, and aunt virginia is his aunt and uncle
Gus is Ty's Uncle. Internal Conflict Internal conflicts are conflicts that occur within you like mentally. Ty wants to go live with his
brother, but he cant because
he is a NFL superstar. Also in
the will his parents left before
they died in the accident said
that they want Ty to go live
with aunt Virginia and uncle Gus By: Tim Green Characters External Conflict External conflict is a conflict that happens outside of you like physically. Ty is getting treated bad by his uncle gus because he is making him clean bathrooms in bars everyday afterschool as a job, but he wants to play football, and his coach needs him because he is the quickest reciever they have. Setting Ty and Thane both live in New jersey
but thane will soon be playing for the NewYork Jets and will be in New York but back and forth to New Jersey Resolution Ty's family goes to live to atlanta so they can be away from the mob that wants to kill uncle gus for snitching. Ty and Charlotte go and live with Thane. Summary
A boy named Ty's parents die. He has abig brother named Thane who is a soon to be millionaire football player. He wants to be with his brother ,but he doesnt want to be messed up with his aunt and uncle so he keeps it to himself.Since his brother now plays for the jets his uncle forces him to get his football team stats fo fantasy football to make some cash .Ty gets into the football team and he is the best, therefore they beat there worse rivals ever.Then, Gus gives the information to the mob and then they get in trouble by the police , threfore the police helped the family by moving them to atlanta. Eventhough uncle Gus snitched on the mob they will want to get him back.Finally, Ty and charllote get to stay with Thane.
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