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maryann carroll

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of joey

How did the NFL start and evolve.
by Joey Curr
How did the NFL start and evolve?
by Joey Curr
That's how the NFL started and evolved.
Thank you!
The early days.
Early days
The NFL started in 1920 but got its name in 1922 2 years later.Back then there was a lot of injuries because there wasn't good padding and football wasn't to famous.
Star player and boss.
Jim Thorpe
A star player and once president of the NFL.Thorpe was considered the best football player of the 20th century and brought much publicity to the NFL because he was so good.
Teams that helped the NFL evolve
The team that helped the NFL to evolve was the Packers.The Packers won the first ever super bowl against the NFL's rival the AFL and made more people watch the NFL because they were better and more skilled.
The team that helped evolve.
Super game.
The super game.
The super game is the super bowl.It has
made the NFL really evolve by bringing
in viewers and fans from all over. Plus, the money they make from the game
is used to better the NFL and make its best
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