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Product packaging

Luis Nunez

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Munchies

Munchies! 1. Tightly sealed into a air locked bag so that it stays fresh longer. 2. Frito Lay keeps its product together by keeping it in a tightly sealed bag that will be easy to notice if it was ever opened or tampered with. 3. The munchies are easily identified becaust they have the logo of its brand name and all the pictures of the items that the bag contains. To indentify the product... Protection!!! 4. Whenever Frito lay transports its packages they put them in boxes so they all stay organized and easily protected by the cardboard boxes rather than its easily poppable bag. Stacking and storage Since there is a variety of different sizes for each munchies bag you can buy the one that fits your needs and shelves. By being different sizes its easier to store in different places for your convenience.
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