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Career Services is just for finding jobs right?

No description

SEMO Career Services

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of Career Services is just for finding jobs right?

Career Services is just for finding jobs right?
Understanding how the Office of Career Services at Southeast Missouri State can help YOU.
First things first.
The Career Services website! If you would like, please follow along in a separate window at
. It will look like this:
Let's discuss some resources available
to you, shall we?
Go to the Student Resources section, located on the right side of the page and click on
"Choose a Major/Career"
...you know you want to.
You're now looking at the
Career-Decision Making Model
Every student, no matter your major, lack of major, or year in school,
lands somewhere on this model
. Believe it!
Sharpening Your Awareness
Within this stage you'll find the Focus 2, O*Net, Keirsey Temperament Sorter (personality), Strengths Finder, a Skills Worksheet & a Work and Lifestyle Values worksheet.

If you click on the first stage,
Sharpening Your Awareness
, it will look like this!
These resources can help you identify your
skills, work values, lifestyle values and strengths
Which can help you....
Make a major or career
decision, reevaluate the major that you may have already chosen, or confirm that you made the right choice!

Understand yourself!

Which can help you...
Let's look at one of those resources more closely.
After clicking on Sharpening Your Awareness, click on
"Work and Lifestyle Values Worksheet"
. It's the very last resource listed.
You should
see this.
This tool will help identify aspects of work and lifestyle that you value the most!
Moving back to the Career Services website
Now click on the second stage in the Career Decision-Making Model,
Exploring Your Options
This step helps you to
connect your personal characteristics
to Southeast majors & careers, or learn more about your chosen career path!
Let's look at a resource. Click on
, the 6th resource from the top...
You should see this...
Type in whatever career you are considering in
"Occupation Quick Search"
on the top right corner of the screen.
You'll be presented with an extensive overview of that career and the
skills and values
needed to excel!
How cool!!!
take a break
. You're working hard!
Sit back, relax and watch this video of a puppy (or don't, it's up to you).
Now get up and stretch, answer any texts you've been ignoring, and let's get back to work!
Now click on the third stage in the model,
Moving Towards a Decision
You should
see this...
Moving Towards a Decision
provides you with helpful decision-making strategies & an example of a step-by-step decision-making process, to help you make a decision about your career and major!
Moving on...
The last stage on the career decision-making model is
Organizing Your Plan
. Click on it, and you'll see this...
Four Year Career Development Plan
is a helpful guide to make sure you are on track to meeting your academic and career goals!
Let's review what we know so far...
SEMO Career Decision-Making Model
Stage 1: Sharpening Your Self-Awareness
-Evaluate your skills, values, & interests
Stage 2: Exploring Your Options
-Use resources to do occupational research
Stage 3: Moving Towards a Decision
-Utilize helpful decision-making tools
Stage 4: Organizing Your Plan
-Use the 4 Year Career Development Plan to make sure you're on track
Let's move forward!
Go back to the Career Services website homepage and click on
Handouts & Sample Documents.
You should see this...
Each tab on this page provides you with a handout, website link, information sheet, or sample document to help you choose a major, search for a job, ace that interview and more!
Go back to the homepage of Career Service's website again and click on
Interview Preparation.
You should see this...
This page allows you to set up an appointment with a Career Services staff member to
discuss interview preparation
, or to set up a
mock interview!
Meet the
Career Services Staff!
Go back to the homepage, under "About Us" and click on
Meet our Staff.
Now you can view our exceptionally good looking staff,
match faces to staff roles
and see how to contact us individually.
Take a breather. Get a glass of water. Maybe
watch this video
Who might you meet with and what for?
Career Counselors:
Here to support you during the process of choosing a major or career path and to provide job search coaching.
Graduate Assistants:
Here to assist you in the development of your resume, cover letter and interview skills.
I think it's time for another break...
A Closer Look at
Job Search Resources
There are some really valuable job search resources out there for you.
www.careeronestop.org, onet.org, missouriconnections.org,
are some of the resources
found under the Exploring Your Options tab
of the S.E.M.O. Career Decision-Making Model.
You might be interested in
, our student employment database, which can connect you to
full-time jobs and internships,
and the
Blitz List
, a list of
part-time jobs
available to students in the Cape Girardeau area. Both are easily found on the Career Services website homepage.
Why job search tools and resources?

Job search resources like glassdoor.com, indeed.com, monster.com & linkedin.com are very valuable to the job search process because they can help you
research employers, find specific job requirements, insider information, easily apply for jobs and provide potential networking opportunities
. Some job search resources have unique qualities that can be helpful. Glassdoor and Indeed provide company reviews.
Let's move from the Career Services website over to
the portal
1. Click on the
2. Scroll down to the
Career Services
box on the left-hand side.
3. Click on the
link in the box.
4. Click
Log on to Focus Now

This will take you to the
Focus 2
website, which will look like this.
Focus 2
The first 10 links on the page, under
Career Readiness
Self Assessment
, provide you with tools and assessments to clarify your career goals, planning status, interests, skills and values!
The first two links under
Explore the Possibilities
will provide you with a library of occupations that contains a ton of valuable information about those careers! The third link under this section,
What can I do with a major in .....at SEMO?
, might be the resource you've been searching for your whole life!
The following three sections,
Create a Plan to Achieve Your Objectives
, your
Career Portfolio
Recommended Tools and Websites
, allow you to create an action plan, review your data within Focus 2 and view other great career and major planning resources!
But the best part is...
Focus 2 is available to you the
that you are a student at Southeast!!!
You can re-do assessments, re-design your action plan, and change your mind as much as you need to and Focus 2 will still be available!
Career Services on Social Media
Connect with us in your favorite way.
Contacting Career Services
Located in Academic Hall 057
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
*Spring Break/Summer Hours: 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Already selected a major?
You can still utilize the model to reaffirm your choice!
"But I've already decided on my major and career path!"
Excellent! This stage can help you with other decisions that you might encounter, such as
to work or whether or not you want to change majors.
You can call 573-651-2583 or stop by Academic Hall 057 to make an appointment.
Need help utilizing these resources?
Make an appointment
with a Career Services career counselor!
Need help interpreting any of this information? Make an appointment with a Career Services staff member!
AND you can make an appointment with a Career Services staff member for
individualized assistance.
*When you follow us, we can't see your profile, posts or information. :-)
Office of Career Services
So, is Career Services only about finding jobs??
We hope to see you soon!
Of course not!
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