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History of Space Exploration -2014-2015

Early Astronomers-Heliocentric and Geocentric theory

jeff magnuson

on 30 May 2016

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Transcript of History of Space Exploration -2014-2015

To Infinity and Beyond...
History of Space Exploration
Something to think about....
The Earliest Idea...
The Geocentric Model
Geocentric Model
Known as the Grandfather of science
Studied space by experimenting and using observations
His ideas were incorrect but people still followed them.
Geo = Greek for Earth
Earth is the center of the universe
All other planets & the Sun orbit around Earth
But how did we get to beyond? How did we get to where we are now with what we now know?
By the end of this prezi, you should be able to answer the following:
What are some things the astronomers used that allowed the ideas to change over time?
Heliocentric Model
From Ancient Times to the 1500's
383 - 322 BC
1. Why do you think Aristotle only used observation?
2. Why do you think people believed his wrong ideas?

Use the following links to understand a little more about this model


83-161 AD
An astronomer and mathematician who used geometry to confirm his ideas about geocentrism
His math was incorrect
His theories about astronomy lasted for over a thousand years
2 Main Astronomers
More Was Learned ...
The Heliocentric Model
Helio = Greek for Sun
The Sun is the center of the solar system
Earth and the other planets orbit the Sun.
The 1500's until Present
2 Main Astronomers
Known for bringing out the idea of heliocentrism
Also used scientific observations
Discovered Earth rotates on an axis
Had secret followers called Copernicans
1473 - 1543
Built a telescope to help prove the Copernican model correct
Forced to admit wrong-doing by the Church
Although imprisoned for life, his ideas were already shared
1564 - 1642
1. Why do you think the Church made Galileo admit to wrong-doing?

Use the following link to help you understand this theory a little more.


Now that you've learned a little bit about early space exploration, what do you think are some things the astronomers used that allowed the ideas to change over time?
Take a look at the following brainpop and then answer the following question.
Username: lcpsm
Password: middle
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