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Chris Head

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Sport

The research topic we have chosen is sport. The themes we will be exploring are Pro Surfing, NBA, Tennis, Hockey and Soccer in which all have steamed from the teams individual interests. The purpose of this research project is to inform readers about the topic using a range of researched sources.
The credibility of these sources was verified by each group member via a checklist explicitly created for this presentation. Our checklist included, 1. Currency 2. Authority 3. Cross referencing with other reputable sources 4. Fact vs opinion. While the resources for the history of the sports were not necessarily recent resources, the information was still found to be credible when checked against the other points on the checklist.
We will explore the history, social influences, sporting injuries and sporting greats, the superstars of the sport.
Engaging in any sporting activity promotes healthy social and physical wellbeing. Socially sports can help enhance self-esteem and self-confidence. Team sports focus on working as part of a team, encouraging each other and give a sense of belonging. Physically it can improve your overall fitness, strength and stamina. There are also psychological benefits to sport and exercise, the natural 'high' caused by the brain's secretion of endorphins - morphine-like chemicals that help combat pain and stress.
We have briefly covered the impact the media can have on sports, the sporting superstars the media help create, injuries sustained by the athletes competing and the history already played out, that makes up the fabric of the five sports close to each of our group members hearts. There are many more aspects of sport to learn and understand and understanding sport can go a long way to understanding Australian culture. This understanding can be achieved through participating, by spectating, or keeping track of your team in the media, even by reading about the history of the sport that you love.
However you choose to engage in sport remember that in essence sport was created first and foremost for enjoyment, so enjoy it.

Men's Pro Surfing

•The media’s scope in Surfing is extensive, from Images to Movies, DVD’s, surf art, Television, Social media and Live Web Streaming.
•In 2012 Fuel TV made History by screening every Tour event live in Australia.
•In 2013, live broadcasts across different media platforms will reach tens of millions of people in Brazil across Europe, select African Countries, Australia, The US and Hawaii.

Media Coverage
•Present day superstars of the sport are South African Jordy Smith and Australia's Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson but
without doubt, the biggest superstar in World Surfing is Kelly Slater.
•He has amassed career earnings to date in excess of $3.5 million (US Dollars).
•Is an 11x World champion on the ASP world tour.

•Low range injuries – cramps, sunburn and knee and ankle sprains.
•Mid range injuries – dislocated shoulders, lumbar sprains and lacerations.
•High range injuries – cervical damage and bone fractures.

•1960’s – 1st structured competitions.
•Late 1960’s – early 1970’s –1st Professional Competitions, such as the “Pipeline Pro” offering $10 000 prize money.
•1976 – 1st professional surfing governing body was formed (IPS).
•1984 – The tour had 20 events.
•1992 – Over 60 events worldwide.
•Mid 1990’s – Events shifting from metropolitan beaches to only the best surf locations in the world.
•Present Day – ASP World Tour is at the forefront of live web streaming. Huge prize-money and endorsements are now on offer.

Low Range Injuries: Thumb Sprains, Ankle Sprains, Several Corked Muscles & Full muscle cramps.
Medium Range Injuries: Thigh Strains, Hamstring Tear, Shoulder Dislocation, Plantar Fasciitis & Osteitis Pubis
High Range Injuries: Achilles tendon Tear/Rupture, Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear (ACL), Bulging Disks & Shin Splints.
Media Coverage
The Media coverage of the NBA has become a global viewing spectacle.
In 2011 the NBA introduced League Pass to thier website which allowed viewers to pay a fee at the start of the season allowing them to watch every game live or catch up with full game replays on their computer or smart TV.
Apple for the 2013-14 season is introducing the app to apple TV that will allow viewers to enjoy the Nba wherever they may be.
This is just a very small amount of coverage; the NBA can be followed via all social media outlets along with readings in magazines and papers.
1946- The Basketball Association of America is created.
1947- The first ever championship was won by Philadelphia Warriors by beating the Chicago Stags 4-1 in the best of 7 games.
1949- 6 teams from the NBL joined the Basketball Association of America creating a 17-team competition where the NBA is formed.
1962- Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 points in a single game the most in NBA history.
1968- The NBA Hall of Fame is created.
1972- The La Lakers won 33 games in a row the most wins consecutively by a NBA franchise.
1987- The NBA adds 4 new teams in the towns of Charlotte, Miami, Orlando and Minnesota.
2002- Yao Ming became the highest non-American draft pick after being selected number 1 by the Houston Rockets.
2011- The NBA holds a lockout after the players and owners cannot agree on terms of payments to the players.

There are many present day superstars in the NBA with names such as Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony & Kobe Bryant but only one name is consistently compared to Michael Jordan and his name is LeBron James.
In 2013 LeBron James became a 9 time Nba All star, 4 X Mvp, 2 x Finals Mvp, 2 x Nba Champion with the Miami Heat.
LeBron has also won 2 gold medals with the USA national team at the summer Olympics. He was voted as the USA 2012-2013 male athlete of the year.
12th Century: "jeu de paume" (game of the palm) invented (Wikipedia, 2013)
1583: first racquet was invented and the game was oficially called "tennis"
1877: first Wimbledon Championships in London
1881: first US Open
1891: first French Open
1896: tennis becomes one of the core sports at the Olympic games
1905: first Australian Open (History of Tennis, 2009)
1. Tennis elbow
Causes: poor technique, using wet balls, racquet strings are too tight

2. Tennis leg
Partial tear of large calf muscle

3. Tennis shoulder
causes: repeated stresses during tennis serves, an inflammation of the fluid-filled Bursa (shoulder bursitis)

4. Low back pain
cause: playing on harder surfaces

5. Wrist injury
sprains go away on their own, but carpal tunnel can be chronic (requiring surgery)(ICPCSM, 2009)
Media Coverage
Australia: Fox Sport's televises both Women's (WTA) and Men's (ATP) tennis; some coverage on Asia/Pacific Eurosport channel
Britain: cover less WTA tennis than Australia. Sky Sports don't show any WTA, but show extensive coverage of ATP. WTA fans need to tune into Eurosport
USA: ESPN and the Tennis Channel (Kait O'Callahan, 2010)
Ice Hockey
Margaret Court is ranked #1 world singles champion, with 24 grand slam tournaments won to date
Born July 16th 1942 (Albury, Australia)
Induction: 1979

Other superstars: Roger Federer, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf (ITHFM, 2012)
Are generally chronic (overuse) injuries or acute (traumatic) injuries. Injuries from overuse are cumulative aches and pains that can usually be prevented. Traumatic injuries often occur suddenly and cannot be avoided.
Types of injuries
Sprains & strains,
Cuts & Lacerations
Bruises & Contusions
Muscle cramps
Delayed onset muscle soreness Overtraining Syndrome
(Quinn, 2013)
Based on a selection by a panel of experts the best player in the 2013 season is Sidney Crosby Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Sidney has played 8 NHL seasons.
2nd & 3rd best players are Evgeni Malkin & Claude Giroux (TSN.ca, 2013)
1873 – Jason Creighton creates rules for a new winter game
1877 – McGill University in Montreal forms first organized hockey team
1893 – First Stanley cup games played
1902 – First real ice hockey games in Europe
1904 – Ice Hockey in Australia begins
1908 – International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) (AKA Ligue Internationale de Hockey sur Glace) formed in Paris
1960 – USA wins first Olympic gold medal
(Iihf.com, 1977)
Credit: Library and Archives Canada / PA-119892
(Photos: Getty Images/Canadian Press)
Infront Sports have the exclusive electronic media rights to the International Ice Hockey World Championship on a worldwide basis including TV, radio and digital medium for live, delayed and highlights.
In 2012 more than 4500 hours or coverage were broadcasted into 114 countries with more than 900,000,000 people watching. (Infrontsports.com, 2013)
Media Coverage
Low range: dominant injuries occur to the knees, ankles and shins

High range: fractures, bruising, or even death.

Prevention: protective equipment including shin guards, warm-up programs, attention to environmental conditions, adequate footwear, modified rules, education and coaching, first aid and rehabilitation.
FIFA Player of the Century was a one-off award created by FIFA to decide the greatest football player of the 20th century. Diego Maradona and Pelé were joint winners of the award. Diego Maradona won the award based on the Internet poll, while Pelé won the award based on votes from FIFA officials, journalists and coaches.

Current soccer superstarts are: Lionel Messi, Cristian Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Xavi Hernandez, Neymar, Kaka, Mesul Ozil, Iker Casillas, Fernando Torres and Robin Van Persie.
Soccer has often been refered to as the world game, played by 250 million players in over 200 countries.

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) play in an international scale with countries all competing for the World Cup. It is promoted through popular culture. Football has the highest global television audience in sport.
Media Coverage
image, Steve Sherman 2009.
Image, www.surfertoday.com 2011.
Image, TransWorld SURF 2009.

Image, Ron Perrott 2013.
(Sports Illustrated, 2013)
Image: Google image. http://www.goolfm.net/wararka/pele-wax-walba-oo-la-sheego-aniga-iyo-marodana-saaxiibo-ayaan-nahay/
Image: Google Images. http://www.popscreen.com/v/68ChU/How-to-Wear-Soccer-Shin-Guards
YouTube: Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup)
Over 240 million people from more than 200 countries regularly play football.

•1863 The Football Association (The FA)
•1871 formed the Rugby Football Union.
•1872 The first official international football match
•1904 (FIFA) the international football body was formed
•1913 admittance of FIFA representatives to the International Football Association Board.
Image: Google Images. http://www.bubblews.com/assets/images/news/774915825_1362957238.jpg
(TheSpotForSports, 2011)
Image: Gary Dineen
Image By: Rob Wegley
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