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The Flaw in our Education

No description

Xunchuan Liu

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of The Flaw in our Education

The Board of Education
The Enemy of Education
Enemy King
Just your average chess game
Check Mate!
Oh... it's over.
“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.”
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
"Personally, I rather look forward to a computer program winning the world chess championship. Humanity needs a lesson in humility."
-Richard Dawkins
Alright, so this guy's a robot... any ideas?
There's a reason society isn't about to be replaced by robots... but why?
What is school? Why do we even go to school?
In this presentation, you're going to be proved wrong(you go to school, right?).
“If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.” -Ken Robinson
So how many tests have you taken?
Surely, one more can't hurt!
Welcome to the world's easiest test.
Standards rules apply: no cheating, copying or communicating. These are the 3 C's (hint: 3 people might get C's)
1. How long did the Hundred Years War last?
2. Which country makes Panama hats?
3. From which animal do we get catgut?
4. Where's the question?
4.In which month
do you Russians
celebrate the
October Revolution?
5. What is a camel's hair brush made of?
6.The Canary
Islands in the
are named after what animal?
are named after what animal?
Feeling pretty good?
What was King George VI's first name?
What color is a purple finch?
Still remember what
question you're on?
(hint: an 8-year old
could answer it)
9. Where are Chinese gooseberries from?
30. How long did the Thirty Years War last?
Recognize this place?

Ready for the answers?
1. 116 years, from 1337-1453
2. Ecuador
3. Sheep and horses
4. November, the Russians were 13 days behind
5. Squirrel fir
6. Dogs, it's Latin
7. Albert
8. Crimson
9. New Zealand
30. 30 years, of course
So how did you do?
Imagine if this test was a grade...
If you had failed...
What would that mean?
which it is obviously!
which you didn't obviously!
Is life always standardized?
Why standardized tests?
The student knows what's going on... why not the teachers?
Life isn't multiple choice, is it?
9. The official exhibited a heedless attitude when dealing with the dignitaries. Heedless means…

A. Thoughtless.
B. Pleasant.
C. Friendly.
D. Bitter.

So how does a question like that help?
Robots can probably calculate 5,000 times faster than the human mind.
If calculating is all we need to do, why don't we just start the production of robots?
Issues with money
The United States has one of the worst child poverty rates in the world, with 22.4%. And a country like Sweden? Only 2.6%.
But perhaps, a greater problem exists. The amount of money the government spends on education has no relationship with the performance of students.
"Teaching to the test."
Is this you?
Life is a test... did you pass?
If all you are taught is how to pass specific tests, does that really help you in life?
"Don't worry, you don't have to know it
because it won't be on the test."
What does this end up doing?
Completely crushes curiosity. But that's human nature isn't it?
Curiosity, individual initiative, creativity...
These aren't measurable objectives, are they?
So the only way to look good... test scores. That's data =
MORE ROBOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you want to be great?
Then why settle for mediocrity?
Not many kids can always get what their learning, so they end up losing interest.
It could be the curriculum is incoherent, where it should all be connected.
We always strive to be the best as a country, why should that not apply to education?
What makes our kids not want to be great in school? They're just as talented as people across the globe, yet the United States is only indicated to be in the middle of the pack when it comes to education.
Let's try a simulation.
Suppose you have 10 kids in a class, and 3 of them have F's, 2 have D's, 3 have C's, 1 has a B, and 2 have A's. Based on this idea of mediocrity, what's going to happen?
This surfer is on food stamps, yet he can live entirely off of his lobster benefits. He'd prefer to play rock-music than to work a regular job.
What, is this like school in Antarctica?
Hello, little guy.
"Teacher, teacher, can you explain this to me?"
The Art of Teaching
The Good and the Bad
What separates a good teacher from a bad teacher, or what separates a good teacher from a
How willing are you to go to this class? Would rather be in bed, or actually paying attention? Do you feel you're engaged to learn the material?
Lack of Teacher Incentive
Hooked a big one!
3 out of 4 teachers say that they have no
incentive for improving the quality of teaching,
in many countries as well.

Teacher Evaluations
Don't worry kids, you aren't the only ones
being graded! Since teachers are evaluated
based on student scores, perhaps that's the
reason they "teach to the test."
Arts are Secondary
Grades are placed above the arts. Yet, arts are normally what people pursue later in their life.
How Schools Kill Creativity
Creative, isn't it?
Out of School
We all know famous artists, athletes, or musicians. They're all very successful people, yet they might not all know trigonometry or New Mexico history.
Beyond the Textbook
No more memorization, no more studying for the test...
Life Skills
Group projects are extremely useful, as they teach cooperation, teamwork, and conflict resolution.
One-on-One Teaching
A single way to teach won't learn them all.
You can tell I've been taught well
New Teacher Evaluations
Teaching is an interaction, so to be complete, both students and teacher are necessary.
But the quality of teachers aren't always the leading factor of student performance in school.
Studies show that test scores normally follow the students as they go; swapping teachers didn't make a big difference.
Active Learning
"So today we're going to talk about..."
10 minutes later...
Teacher, wake them up!
Eliminate Poverty
Learning on an empty stomach?
Art without a paintbrush?
Tennis without a racket?
Family Support and Encouragement
Appropriate nurture at early age
Educational Support
Beliefs to pass down
Higher Expectations
What's going to make students want to learn?
Learning and teaching is different for everyone, so it's like an experiment.

Do Your Best
Just remember: every moment, be the best you can be.
Don't let laziness get the better of you
Be proud of your successes, no matter how small.
Whoa, we're still playing chess, my friend, not cards.
Remember, don't wait. Make something great happen today!
No Limits, Only Possibilities
Know your childhood dreams, and set goals to achieve them. Don't ever lose sight of your goal.
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Just kidding, I'm not

A. Flaws
1. Standards
2. Poverty
3. Tests
4. Teaching
5. Mediocrity
6. Dreams

B. Ways to Improve
1. Life Skills
2. Teaching
3. Social Status
4. Higher Expectations
5. Achieving your Dreams
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