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Introduction of Grendel, the coming of Beowulf, and the battle with Grendel

David Schornak

on 31 May 2010

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Transcript of Beowulf

Beowulf: Epic Poem
The Wrath of Grendel King Hrothgar Leader of the Danes Creator of the Mead Hall: Herot Place of drinking and singing Life is good Until... Grendel Appeared A demon decended from Cain Attacked the Danes Angered by the singing and dancing Thirty men were killed Heorot was powerless for... The next twelve years Grendel reaks havoc He has taken over Herot Hrothgar remains unable
to challenge Offerings are no help All hope is lost until... The Coming of Beowulf One of the greatest heroes in the land Living in Geatland Hears stories of the destruction Decides to help out the troubled Danes Travels with fourteen of his greatest men The voyage begins across the ocean... Dressed in armor with weapon in hand They move along and stopped by the Danish watchmen Questioning what's their purpose Beowulf explains the story of the Danes in distress The Danish believe him and guides
the Geats to the troubled Danes Beowulf and his men travel and eventually... Arrive at Heorot to help out the hopeless Beowulf introduces himself and speaks to Hrothgar He remembers all of the great tales of Beowulf Ones like Beowulf having the strength
of thirty men in each hand
Beowulf accepts the challenge that Hrothgar holds Beowulf and the Danes feast Beowulf's confidence cheers everyone up Everyone goes to bed peacefully In the night, Grendel stealthily sneaks up on Beowulf This ends up causing... The Battle With Grendel He's stuck ): Grendel bursts down the doors of Heorot Beowulf observes as Geatish warriors are being attacked Grendel notices Beowulf and reaches for him Beowulf manages to grip onto Grendel's arm This stuns Grendel due to not knowing this amount of strength existing Grendel is scared and wants to run back to the swamplands for safety Beowulf does not agree to Grendel's plan As Grendel tries to escape, Beowulf wrestles him to the ground The two fight each other throughout the hall Grendel screams in pain, terrifying those who hear No weapons on Earth work against Grendel But Beowulf uses his own strength and rips off Grendel's arm Wounded, Grendel moves slowly back home to eventually die Beowulf raises the arm in the air in accomplishment The following morning, celebration begins People sing and dance in happiness Hrothgar enters the hall and observes the trophy Hrothgar then praises Beowulf for defeating the demon Order is finally restored in Herot The Danes begins to repair the hall, which has been destroyed By: David Schornak
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