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Caleb Neuner

Why do People Feel Pain?

maryann carroll

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Caleb Neuner

Written by: Caleb Neuner
Why do People Feel Pain?
What body part is the center of pain?
The Brain is the center of pain.
The nervous system (NS) includes the brain and the spinal cord, made up of nerve cells that send messages at fast speeds. The NS controls your body's activities.
Pain is a chain reaction that involves all parts of the nervous system, including the brain. Pain has four parts: stimulus, perception, suffering, and pain behavior.
Do other body parts feel more pain then others
Muscles feel a lot of pain compared to other body parts also there are 630 muscles in the body so muscle pain occurs.
What Body Part Feels the Most Pain
A human has 630 muscles that make up about 40 percent of your body weight. Muscles that make your heart beat and your food process, you have no control over these movements. So when one muscle feels pain it hurts.
the Nervous System
The nervous system is the system were the brain is connected to all body parts and when this body part is hurt, tickled, etc. the brain tells this body part what to do.
Nervous system video
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Brain Power
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