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When did society become obsessed with being skinny?

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arianna lacoste

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of When did society become obsessed with being skinny?

The "trend" now a days
"Now you can read about the Secrets of Skinny Chicks and Unleash Your Inner Skinny while wearing your skinny jeans and sipping a skinny latte or Skinnygirl Margarita. If you’re hungry, you can grab a Skinny Cow ice cream or skinny protein bar. The skinny marketing trend has even jumped over to the beauty aisle with skinny shampoos and skinny lotions"(Helm, 2011). It's become very popular with the skinny aspect of everything, and being that if you're skinny, you're society's idea of "norm".
When and why
The trend of being skinny started off in the 1960's. The iconic model, Twiggy, was a popular model back then and she was that idea of "skinny" society obsesses over now. Including the fact that many women's rights movements were going around, and one of them was that women could start wearing less clothes, and tighter clothes, so the skinnier you were the more you could support that movement.
When and why did society become obsessed with being skinny?
The model "Twiggy"
That add was a very late add probably dating back to the 1950's or even earlier, considering that back then the bigger you were, the more wealthier you were. So it was a good thing, and that's why I was curious about this project. How curves used to looked at as good, and now looked as unhealthy or unattractive and how that happened.
Everyone has their own body shape, their own metabolism, and their own eating habits. I'm not saying eating a lot is healthy, but honestly, as long as you eat decent meals, don't purge too much, and get exercise, you should be at YOUR perfect body weight. Not society's version or anything like that. Everyone is unique, and that's the problem that society doesn't realize these days. Skinny, or bigger, everyone is different and we need to start learning to accept that.
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