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a country

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Transcript of togo

togo this is togo's national flag togo map Togos first democratically elected presidant Sylvano Olymius was over thrown in 1963. He was shot and killed by Sgt. Etienne Eyadema while attempted to scale the walls of the American Embassy to seek asylum.
Togo is twice the size of maryland, it is on the south coast of west aferica boarding on ghana to the west. Togo national food togo bisquite transportation bikes cars foot landscape rocky historical sites in Togo. www.nationsonline.org/oneworld/togo.htm www.nationsencyclopedia.com history GDP (2008) : $2.89 billion
Per Capita incom (2008) : $900
Natural recoures: Phosphates , limestone,marble
Agriculture (40% of 2008 GDP ):products-yamms,casava,corn,millet,sorghumcocao,cofeerice,cotton.
INddustry (25% of 2008 GDP):Types-mining ,manufactoring,
constuction,energy,serices:35% of 2008 GDP
Trade :(2008):Exports-$782.million phsphates,cocoa, coffee, cotton. Imports-$1.54 million: consumer goods including foodsstuffs, faberics, clothes and equipment
major parteners-Ghana, France ,Cote d'lvire, Germany, Nigeria, Canada, peoples republic of China, Benin Economy ! Weather

Hot humid in south,Semiarid in North. togo's national football team
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