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Sears Tower

No description

Emmy 3218

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Sears Tower

Sears Tower
Museum Of Industry
The Museum Of Industry, is between the University Of Chicago, and Lake Michigan. It is one of the largest museums in the west. The museum has very wonderful, and interesting exhibits. The museum features a coal mine. In other words burns coal. That’s pretty cool! I bet, it would be about 70, somewhat degrees in there! Meaning (it would be really hot in there)! The museum is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The exhibits change every few months. Currently, you can explore the treasures, of the Walt Disney Archives, and Earth Revealed.
University of Chicago
The University Of Chicago, has approximately 5,000 students! (That’s a lot!!) They have about, 15,000 students in all! I can’t even imagine that! That’s like three times the people in the Shelburne Community School! Including the teachers! It was replaced, by the Baptist University. I have no idea how many students they have! The number
of students they have, would probably be mind blowing! The business school was founded in 1898.

Art Institute
The Art Institute Of Chicago, is located in Chicago's Great Park. I bet since it’s called Great Park it’s a pretty big place! The history of it, is being an free art school, and gallery founded in1866. I would think, that it would have, great drawings by famous artists, (maybe).

There is 300,000, pieces of work in there, spanning the globe. (That’s a lot). In Chicago at night, when you're at a high place or on a high peak, you can see all of the lights (and buildings), and it’s really pretty. It is open daily from 10:30- 5:30. And on Thursdays, open until 8:00.
Museum Of Industry #2
It is one of the biggest museums in the world! Wow! That’s kind of amazing! I think, if I lived there, I would get lost! They must have a lot, a lot, a lot of art in there! They also have wonderful, thrilling and amazing, underwater journeys. To explore the wonderfulness, of beautiful coral reefs. I think there might be dolphins, sharks and lots of fish! And maybe some star fish. They have students take the time, to experience, the passion, of the discoveries of science.
The End!
The End means this is over!
Chicago IL
When the great Chicago fire came, and burned down all of the 15,000 somewhat buildings, (Including the Art Institute) The Institute was thrown into debit.

In 1973 the Sears Tower was the tallest building in the world. It held it’s rank for 20 years! That’s a lot! I’d guess, that if I had guessed this, I’d think, that it would be not even ten years, that it held it’s rank. But apparently not. Then it was the 2nd tallest building in the U.S. It was originally called, the Sears Tower. But In 2009, it was renamed the Willis Tower. Because The Willis Group, was leasing offices in the building, and got rights to rename it.
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