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The Amish

No description

Brittney Pond

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of The Amish

Foundations Drives The Beginning of Change The Blossoming of Change The "Modern" Amish Community Core Simplistic Clothing
No Mirrors or pictures
Travel by horse-drawn carriage
Sometimes speak in Dutch
Family oriented
Concerned with the community
Religious The Amish are driven mainly by the Ordnung, an unspoken moral code. The Amish Telephones are not permitted in Amish communities. People are afraid that communication with the outside will induce sin and conversion. Telephone booths are permitted outside of the home, often in between large farms. Electricity
Telephones in the home
Car usage
In-home heaters Adaptations over Time The Amish community was founded because numerous people wanted a tight-knit community based on religious principles. The Amish community was originally founded by Menno Simmons under a larger branch of religion called the Mennonite religion. Ways of Life Their community will no longer be pure. Tractors, tools to make and mend horseshoes, milking equipment, and electric fences are allowed in the community. Buggies may be equipped with heaters, windshield wipers, and flashing lights In the late 1700's, Jacob Amman branched off of the Mennonite belief system and founded the Amish. Barbeque grills are used for large family gatherings. Mirrors and photographs are allowed in some homes. The people wanted a community
that was based on unity, religion,
and care. Though there are strict rules, they are only put in place to protect the society and preserve the belief system. Lawn mowers are permitted in the community.
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