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Party Planning

No description

Eduardo Palacios

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Party Planning

Graduation Party For Abbey Budget $500 Number of people coming About 150 Dinner Materials 2 sets of spoons
$5.16. 2 sets of forks
$5.16. set of knives
$4.47. Total: $32.57 Location August Horst Pavilion Cost: $150.00/9hrs 4 sets of plates
$7.88. 5 sets of cups
$9.90. Where: Walmart Finger Food Cakes/Cupcakes Peanut Butter & Jelly
finger sandwiches
. $9.99 Total with grapes Dinner
$64.89 $30.98 Big Marble cake
Chocalate & vanilla Decorations Boneless Wyng tray
(medium) $25.95 Fruit tray
28.95 (small) (small) Where: Brookshire Brothers 15 blue ballons
$2.47 15 silver ballons
$2.47 Where: Wally's Party Factory $349.67for BBQ at
CJ's Barbeque -8lbs of chicken $71.92 -5lbs of brisket $55.00 -8lbs of sausage $79.92 _________________________________ Food -3Large 32oz pinto
beans $20.97 -3 large 32oz corn
on a cob $20.97 -3 large 32 oz redskin potato salad $20.97 By: Madeline H. Jade T. Justine Q. Eduardo P. Visual Description Food table Tables Cupcakes 48 $35.98 Brokshire Brother Where: Where:
Sam's Club Tables 104 Veterans
Memorial Dr.
Navasota, Texas Total cost:$66.96 Total Money Spent: Food Arrangement Black and Blue Dizzy Dangler Mortarboards
$6.94 Total cost : $11.48 Cake Barbeque Barbeque Cupcake Finger food Finger food Side dish Side dish Plates
& Utensils Plates
& Utensils Balloons Balloons Drinks H.E.B. 15 for $5 per 2 liters of soda $75 total $739.09 Now with all that..... You can celebrate the
graduation party!!! Side Dishes -8lbs of pork loin $79.92 $239.09 over the budget Oh no.. The money you gave us was not enough for the food and drinks. We did show the prices anyway.
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