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My Favorite Animal Is a Cheetah

No description

kehloni pinckney

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of My Favorite Animal Is a Cheetah

My Favorite Animal Is a Cheetah!
Why is a cheetah my favorite animal?
I like cheetah's because they are fast and interesting to learn about. And I love cheetah print stuff. And there was a movie called Cheetah Girls that was my favorite movie when was growing up.
All about cheetahs!
The adult height is 90cm and the baby cheetah height is less than 1 foot(30cm). The adult cheetah speed is 93km/h and the baby cheetah speed is 40mph. Cheetahs are carnivores so they eat gazelles,deer,and impala. Female cheetahs live alone unless their having a baby cub. Male cheetahs live in a group of three.
And that's why cheetahs are my favorite
Cheetahs have a lot of spots and their fur helps them blend in with their habitat. They have four legs and they are very fast. The adult height is 90km. The baby cheetah height is less than 1 foot(30cm.
Female Cheetah!
Male Cheetah
Baby Cheetah
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