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Copy of University of Utah Prezi

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Aaron Olson

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of University of Utah Prezi

The application deadline for the school is: March 15, 2013 if you were singing up this year. The location for the school is:

270 S 1400 E, Salt Lake City, UT

1795 E South Campus Dr Rm 253, Salt Lake City, UT

201 Presidents Cir, Salt Lake City, UT The Enrollment is:
22,661 Undergraduates
6,345 graduates On Campus housing In total their is on average about 13% that live on-campus. It is about 1,534 acers big. Student Demographics (Ethnicity, gender) The ethnicity of the U of U is very amazing. The ethnicity ranges from: Black, white, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian/Alaskan Native, african American, alien, Hawaiian, and even some unknown races (EX: Korean, japanese, Italian, etc.) Campus Calender: The campus calender is a Semester style calender. Test Scores required for admission The test scores required are: TOEFL, Admission Test Scores, College Prep. Secondary School GPA, Records, SAT, ACT Percent of applicants accepted The percent of applicants accepted is 83% accept rate. This is a very good chance for people to be accepted into this university. The minimum test scores for addmision ACT: 87%
SAT: 14%
GPA required is atleast a 3.30-3.88 GPA Required Courses 4 Years of English class, 2 Years beyond elementary algebra, 3 years of Chemistry, physics, biology, or human biology. 1 year of history and government. 2 years of the same foreign language class.

4 years of atleast: History, English, Mathmatics beyond intermediat algebra, Lab, science, foreign Language, Social Studies, Fine arts, Technology and engineering education. Estimated Yearly Cost The estimated yearly cost is roughly, $22,966 and the percent of students that recieve financial aid is about 35% Personal Fields The majors I am personally interested in are: Creative writing, Chemical Engineering, Computer and information science generals, 3D-Graphic designing, and 3D-Animations Student-faculty Ratio For every 1 professor their is 17 students on average depending on the class that you may be taking. 17:1 Student support services The student support services provides advising, instruction, and tutoring for eligible students that would really need it. Campus life On campus their are many interesting and cool things to do. A few clubs that I am kind of interested in is EAE: Game foundry club, and Gamecraft EAE: Game foundry Society "EAE is a joint effort of Utah’s College of Engineering and College of Fine Arts. Students work in the areas of video games, computer animation, film and special effects and work together throughout their academic careers, which is the norm in the industry."

http://unews.utah.edu/news_releases/entertainment-arts-engineering-tops-the-charts/ Gamecraft "We make video games! Our purpose is to bring together people who are interested in the design and technical aspects that go into making games fun."

"Gamecraft is a video game development club! Regardless of your experience with developing video games, we welcome all those interested in giving it a shot!"

https://utah-community.symplicity.com/index.php?mode=form&id=ea1476739ced2f72547c292df1a34640&tab=profile Things that I liked On of the greatest things that I liked about this is that the University of Utah is #1 in 3D Design in the whole nation starting this year.

My dad currently is getting his Bachelors degree in "Parks and Recreation" up their and he talked to an old teacher of his and they are giving me a tour of the place that he works at now. Degrees offered their The degrees that are offered at the University of Utah are:
Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorates degrees.
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