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unit 1: Research and Development

No description

Carolina Jimenez

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of unit 1: Research and Development

Unit 1: Research and Development
Plan an R&D Project
Let's go to build towers !
Lesson 1: Congress and the National Science Foundation
Lesson 2: Measuring and comparing R&D activity
Lesson 3: coordinating the members of the team
Lesson 4: Working out a logical sequence
Lesson 5: Gradually increasing expenditure
Lesson 6: Developing a new product
In your country, which government department has responsibility for scientific research?
Which universities in your country have a strong reputation for scientific research?
(Level of research)
What happens if there isn't coordination between the members of the team?
"Throwing it over the wall "
Indicators of R&D activity
The budgets from government and from the private sector that are available to R&D establishments.
The number of new patents that are filed and obtained by a company over a given time period.
The number and the frequency of publications that are produced by a research organization.
The percentage of revenues that a company spends on R&D each year.
The qualities and skills that a good project leader should have.
Can coordinate the members of the team.
Can motivate and lead people.
Represent the group's interests in the larger organization.
Be responsible
How do you plan a research and development project?
The letters CPM stand for Critical Path Method
The CPM is used to determine the minimum time we are going to need to complete the whole project.
The CPM helps to establish a timescale or the time necessary for each step of the project.
The "slack time" are the times that pass between one step and another step that doesn't begin immediately .
The first step
R&D department
Other employees in the company
Focus groups
Attribute listing
virtual prototyping
We need an idea
"Interaction "
Where do ideas come from?
Form two teams and design a new product that meets the following requirement:
Do a description of your product
Present your product to the class
In the same teams
Choose a leader
Do an innovator description
Be innovators
How often do you have to handle or present data in the form of graphs?
"The life cycle of a product"
Choose a name
Use your imagination
"The most innovator product will win a gift"
Use your Imagination!
Present your project to the class
Design and build the tower, it should be "stable", "nice" and "high".
You have ONLY 15 minutes
Choose a name for your tower.
You have ONLY 15 minutes
The next step
Test the ideas
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