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No description

Sharon Pak

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Linkedin

what is Linkedin? Audience & User trends SWOT/ Positioning Business Model Critical competitors Strengths: Very focused image; don't have to pay for advertising or any buzz (very established)

Weaknesses: People hardly spend time on the site; ONLY used for professional networking

Opportunities: has a lot of room to grow; international growth

Threats: Up & coming new sites like Branch out Conclusion Generating Buzz? - Highly recommended by professional bloggers and networkers
- Many articles include a “LinkedIN” button where viewers can share content on their newsfeed
- Countless strategies are published in regards to improving your profile and generating more business via your LinkedIN account http://marketing.linkedin.com/audience

http://www.cnbc.com/id/48492591/LinkedIn_CEO_We039re_Not_Like_Other_Social_Networks facebook Google+ Monster/ Indeed Xing Sources of Revnue Social networking websites earn revenue through multiple streams: hiring solutions 41%, display and text ads 32%, and paid memberships 27%

Average hiring services revenue= $87 million
Advertising revenue= $70 million
Premium service members revenue= $60 million Basic memberships are free, but premium members are charged Social networking site for people in professional world

The world’s largest online professional network

Founded in Santa Monica (2003), headquartered in Mountain View, CA

Slogan: “Relationships matter”

3,177 employees #1 social net work also has a new section called branch out. The professional aspect of FB online employment solution
search engine style
not profile based but it is related to jobs
400+ million users
1 million business pages created in the first 6months
use it with co-workers
aesthetically pleasing 12+ million users
XING is a platform where professionals from all kinds of different industries can meet up, find jobs, colleagues, new assignments, cooperation partners, experts and generate business ideas.
Global; started in Germany
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