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Baroque Art

No description

Isabella Dula

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Baroque Art

By Isabella Dula and
Brenda Liu Baroque Art When Baroque originated around 1500's in Europe, people thought it was crazy but really, the Baroque artists were just thinking ahead of their time. Back then, when somebody called your artwork wonderfully baroque, you would probably go home and hang up the curtains of shame. In other words, it was considered an insult. Nobody liked the realism of the faces, the little details like bumps and wrinkles, they wanted smooth pearl paintings. Although, over a few years, the art world began to warm up to this quirky new theme. What is Baroque? Baroque greatly influenced fashion with its many elaborate details and bright colors. Today, Baroque fashion is very lacy with different patterns on the outfits. Baroque in Fashion now Baroque Fashion Back Then Modern Baroque Architecture Fashion in Baroque around the 1700's had big puffy sleeves and dramatic hair with intricate detail, ruffles, and lots of color. Baroque in Architecture Baroque has influenced many different cathedrals in Europe. Before Baroque, the buildings were bland and boring. Baroque created texture and again, detail. Many architecture from the 1600's is still standing today Baroque has also been seen in popular brands such as Vera Bradley and Lily Pulitzer, in fact Vera Bradley has a very popular pattern called baroque! Baroque is seen in homes all over the USA and is considered very chic and stylish. Baroque music was described as elegant, soaring, and grand. Many famous composers such as Bach, Handel, and Vivaldi have created Baroque music! Baroque Music Bach Vivaldi Handel Even though the Baroque style is very old and died off in the mid 1700's, it is still everywhere we go! From art, to fashion, to architecture, to music! Baroque Thanks for watching! If it ain't Baroque, don't fix it! A famous piece of Architecture made from Baroque is Notre Dame. Disney even made a famous movie about it.
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