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Haile Middle School Engineering Dakota P

No description

dakota persails

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Haile Middle School Engineering Dakota P

TSA 3/19/12- Explain how X, Y, and Z relate to your (a) dragster and (b) CNC milling A- The X, Y, and Z axis determines where the front of the car is, where the back of the car is, and where the sides of the car are etc.

B- The X, Y, and Z axis determine where the drill bit is going to cut the car inside of the CNC mill Dragster During the first quarter I worked on designing and milling out a CO2 car for the TSA district competition. iPod Case During the second and third quarter of the school year, I worked on lasering out an iPod 4th generation case to take to the TSA state competition. It recieved 9th place in the state for inventions and innovations. I worked on the 3D modeling of the part in Solid Works and I used the laser engraver to cut out the finished project Vex Robotics During the first, second, and third quarter, I designed and built 2 robots for the TSA districts and states competitions. The robots had to pick up balls or barrels that were positioned around the field. Then, they had to reach up to the goals. There were 3 goals, the 10 inch goal, the 20 inch goal, and the 30 inch goal. Mission Patch During the First Quarter, the 3rd period technology class made mission patches out of a 2x4 block that showed what we are going to be doing in TSA this year. Mine showed that I was going to be creating a CO2 dragster and making pins for the TSA national conference. Bookmark During the first quarter, the 6th period technology class made bookmarks that showed what we were going to be doing this year. My bookmark showed that I was going to be making TSA pins for the nation conference and milling out a CO2 dragster to race at the district competition. Pedal Car During the forth quarter my team (Ben, Austin, Christian and I) are going to be building a pedal car out of bike parts, wood, and PVC pipe. It is only allowed to have 3 wheels and must have enough room for 2 people. Our team has decided to build 4 different carts in SolidWorks and then test them in a virtual wind tunnel in SolidWorks and use the most aerodynamic cart. After we build and race the cars, we are going to replace the pedals with a Honda motor and race them even more. Ben is our SolidWorks designer. We chose him is because he has had the most experience in SolidWorks. I am the Graphic Designer because I have had the most experience with programs like PhotoShop and PowerPoint. Christian is our prototype designer. He is going to design a 1:24 size scale model for aerodynamics testing.
Austin is our builder. He is going to be assembling the pedal cart out of wood and the bike parts. In the first week, everyone made designs. We found it best to use Ben's design. 3/26- Today I worked on my prezi and watched 5 people present their prezis while I commented on them. 3/27- Today i worked on editing my prezi and adding things like the mission patch and pictures. 3/28- Today I was introduced to the pedal car assignment and started planning and designing my pedal car. 3/29- Today I worked on adding pictures to my prezi and designing my pedal car in solidworks. 3/30- Today I worked on uploading pictures to my prezi and added the Pedal Car section. 4/2- Today I worked on editing my prezi and started working on the Design Process section. Engineering Design Process

1) Identify A Problem
I had to design and mill out a CO2 dragster before districts in the current school year.

2) Explore Ideas
I came up with many designs but i had to chose the most aero dynamic design to try and win.

3) Plan And Develop
At this stage I had to mill out my final design, sand it, paint it, and assemble it.

4) Test And Evaluate
It was time to test its aerodynamics using a wind tunnel. the amount of drag was -17.73 seconds.

5) Present The Solution.
I took my dragster to the district competition to race head to head against other cars. Gas Vs. Electric I learned that a gas motorcycle and an electric motorcycle are the same in performance and price but a gas motorcycle relies on gas and an elecrtic motorcycle can be plugged into most wall outlets in a charging station at a gas station.

http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/news/electric-vs-gas-motorcycle-infographic/ Random Part Challenges
We are working on new part challenges in class based on an aluminum alloy part. My Part. Pumpkin 10-31-12 Shirtless Guy's Leadership Wind Chimes I did not use any tools or machines to make the Chimes of Life Tool and Machine List HD30 Oil Bottle
5 feet of fishing line
Tape Measure
Pepsi bottle Materials List Working Drawings The Chimes of Life are elegant yet cheap wind chimes that are very useful for many different things. They can be used just for pure decoration or for detecting weather changes and wind speed changes. They can also be used by farmers to scare off pesky birds and other pests. Description of Product Table of Contents
Description of Products
Design Efforts
Working Drawings
Materials List
Tool and Machine List
  Table of Contents Go Green Manufacturing
Chimes of Life
2013 I used an old oil bottle suspended on fishing line with a Pepsi bottle underneath it on fishing line so when the wind comes it blows the bottles and causes them to make sound. Design Efforts Only $5.99! Chimes of Life
The Chimes of Life are elegant yet cheap wind chimes that are very useful for many different things. They can be used just for pure decoration or for detecting weather changes and wind speed changes. They can also be used by farmers to scare off pesky birds and other pests. Advertisement
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