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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Worldview role model project by Tricia Isbell and Angeline Taylor

Tricia I

on 28 September 2013

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Transcript of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

-Biography Spiritualism Nationalism Results Core Beliefs Spiritualism Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Contradiction between his medical training and his belief in talking to the dead. Medical doctor and author Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle was born May 22, 1859, in Edinburgh, Scotland Family was Irish-Catholic Father was a chronic alcoholic Mother was a master storyteller "In my early childhood, as far as I can remember anything at all, the vivid stories she would tell me stand out so clearly that they obscure the real facts of my life." Went to Catholic and Jesuit boarding schools Was unhappy and perceived bigotry in the Jesuits Went to medical school at Edinburgh University Met Dr. Joseph Bell - inspiration for Sherlock Holmes Logic, deduction, and reasoning Went whaling and became a medical officer Devoted time to being an author as well as a doctor Because of his busy schedule, he didn't realize his wife's ill health Father died Interest in "life beyond the veil" Joined the Society for Psychical Research Married twice. Had 5 children, 2 with his first wife Louisa Hawkins, and 3 with his second wife Jean Elizabeth Leckie. Had a secret relationship with Jean while still married to Louisa Knighted in 1902 for service in the Boer War
One year after he published the Hound of the Baskervilles After Louisa died from TB, he went into a deep depression. "Work is the best antidote for sorrow." - Sherlock Holmes in *The Return of Sherlock Holmes* Nationalism Wrote more books about spiritualism and the occult than fiction Deeply affected by the deaths of loved ones, and wanted to understand what happened to them Went on psychic crusades around the world to spread knowledge about spiritualism, and involved his children Ran for Parliament twice When he was unable to serve in WWI, he organized a civilian battalion and made several suggestions to the War Office Served as a medical officer in the Boer War and WWI "When I talk on this subject, I'm not talking about what I believe, I'm not talking about what I think, I'm talking about what I know. There's an enormous difference, believe me, between believing a thing and knowing a thing." On one, hand he seems to prize logic and deduction, but on the other hand he firmly believes in communicating with the spirit world Optimistic about death and the next life Died July 7, 1930 "I have had many adventures. The greatest of all awaits me now." According to his books, he knew about Christianity, but did not believe it himself. Communication with the dead
After death, individuals exist as spirits, depending on how lived
Spiritual healing comes through communication with spirit world
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