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Necrotizing Fasciitis


Jd Brubaker

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Necrotizing Fasciitis

Necrotizing Fasciitis History The disease was first discovered in 1783, in France. Doctors noted that it occurred sporadically throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Also known as the flesh eating virus, acute non-clostridial crepitant cellulitis, synergistic necrotizing cellulitis, gangrenous or necrotizing erysipelas, hemolytic streptococcal gangrene, and Group A Streptococcus. Outbreak of NF during the Civil War because of insanitary conditions and insufficient medical treatment lead to the infection and death of over 2,600 people. Epidemiology
Necrotizing fasciitis is very rare. There are
about 500-1,500 new cases reported in the United States each year. The populations of organisms that the counted cases of bacteria can travel through consist of 10% of cases are due to aerobes, 20% due to anaerobes, and 70% of cases due to mixed flora. Altough most cases of NF have occured in military hospitals. Unless the circumstances consisted of someone with an open wound came into contact,with someone who had NF, NF is not contageous. As where to find this disease is not known of, it was rumored that Costa Rican bananas are "infected" with the bacteria that causes necrotizing fasciitis be assured IT IS FALSE. So please don't get hypokalemia from lack of potassium due to this false claim. Symptoms EARLY SYMPTOMS (usually within 24 hours) :
Usually a minor trauma or other skin opening has occurred (the wound does not necessarily appear infected). Some pain in the general area of the injury is present. Not necessarily at the site of the injury but in the same region or limb of the body .The pain is usually disproportionate to the injury and may start as something akin to a muscle pull, but becomes more and more painful. Flu like symptoms begin to occur, such as diarrhea, nausea, fever, confusion, dizziness, weakness, and general malaise. Intense thirst occurs as the body becomes dehydrated. The biggest symptom is all of these symptoms combined.

ADVANCED SYMPTOMS (usually within 3-4 days):
The limb, or area of body experiencing pain begins to swell, and may show a purplish rash. The limb may begin to have large, dark marks, that will become blisters filled with blackish fluid .The wound may actually begin to appear necrotic with a bluish, white, or dark, mottled, flaky appearance

CRITICAL SYMPTOMS (usually within 4-5 days):
Blood pressure will drop severely. The body begins to go into toxic shock from the toxins the bacteria are giving off. Unconsciousness will occur as the body becomes too weak to fight off this infection.
Bodies Response There can be a variety of responses of NF depending on what are of the body is inflicted in it. If you get it in the throat it will eat through your flesh into your trachea thus damaging your airflow and respitory system. If contracted in the pelvic area it will completly destroy your genetailia, male or female, and will cause your reproduction system to be inoperable. And no matter where you catch it it eats through the muscle and soft tissue so it will always effect your muscular system. And all this is before surgery and they have to remove tissue near the inflicted area and that will have an effect on the body as well. Treatment The only way to treat NF is by immeadiate prognosis followed by surgery to remove the surronding area. Do ont wait ! Your immune system cannot recognize and fight this disease medical help is necessary. Even with immeadiate prognosis results can be Anywhere from minimal scars to death and everywhere in between. For those lucky enough to survive most often at least some removal of skin is required. Often this requires skin grafting. Amputation is sometimes needed to remove the affected limb. Legs, hands, fingers, toes, arms, have all been sacrificed to save the life of NF patients. Quiz When and where was NF discovered?
What are symptoms of NF after only 24 hours?
Can you catch NF from Costa Rican bannanas?
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