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How to Use Memes

No description

Patricia Hinko

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of How to Use Memes

How to Use Memes
What is a "Meme"?
A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person throughout a culture. Today we see it as an image, saying, video, or combination of any of those spread via sharing on social network sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
Although internet memes may seem random, they all follow unique rules to the meme. In this case, all memes use all caps are written using the font Impact.
Three memes will be explained with examples based upon various Shakespeare plays and the culture at PVI. You will then be creating your own memes based upon characters from A Doll's House.
Scumbag Steve
Used when you want to describe a morally questionable or awful thing a person has done
The top text describes the situation
The bottom text tells the awful and rude thing the person does in reaction to the situation
Condescending Wanka
Used to show ridiculousness or shallowness of something by asking a direct question and giving a condescending/demeaning/superior response.
The top text usually starts with “Oh, you…” followed by a question
The bottom text is a snooty response
First World Problems
Used to complain about something that is not really a problem but a mild annoyance
Top text states the situtaiton
Bottom text states why it is a "problem"
Bad Memes
Here are some Memes used incorrectly. Explain why that is the case
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