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Burma, The New Era of Hatred & Violence

In the minds of many, Burma has changed so much. In the hearts of Rohingya & Burmese Muslims, Burma has changed towards a NEW ERA where hatred and violence are openly committed in broad daylight.

Haikal Mansor

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of Burma, The New Era of Hatred & Violence

The New Era
"They are not following Dharma
who resort
to violence
to achieve
their purpose."
a country predominantly embraces Buddhism
a country with more than 135 ethnic groups
a country with vast natural resources & prides
a country of multi-religions
Much have been wasted in
more than five decades of military rules
numerous civil wars
The transition of Burma
from military rule to quasi-civilian Democracy
brings a

"New Era of Hatred & Violence"
targeted to

Rohingya & Muslim in general
is itself a form of violence
an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit.
Mahatma Gandhi
The democracy process provides for political and social change without violence.
Aung San Suu Kyi
"Whatever you do,
do it as
a Nationalist.
See as
a Nationalistic view.
Listen as
a Nationalistic way.
Eat, go and do business as
a Nationalist"
969 Monk Wirathu
The New Era has begun and opened the door for
" extremists and radicals"

to act in broad daylight.
Natives of Arakan
Citizens of Burma
We don't want Burma to be built on the lives of Innocent Rohingya
We want to treat Rohingya like Human as we used to.
We want a new era of respect and peaceful co-existence as our father, Aung San wished.
Presented by
Haikal Mansor
An unjust law is itself a species of violence
Mahatma Gandhi
The dreams of a unified and free Burma
has always haunted me.
If we mix religion and
politics then we
offend the spirit of
religion itself.
Independence Hero
General Aung San

We don't want Burma to be built on "Hatred & Violence"
Hatred towards Rohingya has accumulated
for many decades.
Founded by
The real violence is committed in writing of history.
Bryant H. McGill
Enforced by
The Historian
The Dictator
The Governor
The President
The Face of Terror
The Drafter
Ne Win
Carried a coup d'état in 1962
Elected as president in 1972 under a one-party system
Became Chairman of Burmese Socialist Program Party until 1983
He carried out his Racist ideology
Renamed Arakan to Rakhine state
Canceled Rohingya Language Programme
Launched Operations against Rohingya in
1967 and 1978
the 1982 Citizenship Law
making Rohingya Stateless
Killed thousands
Exiled hundreds of thousands
Confiscated Lands
Destroyed villages and religious buildings
Freedom of Movement
Freedom of Religion
Freedom of Education
Medical Care
Public Services
Aye Kyaw
A Rakhine
A closed friend of Ne Win
Helped in drafting the 1982 Citizenship Law
Aye Chan
A Rakhine historian
An author of many inflammatory books on Rohingya
Manipulated history of Rohingya
Aye Maung
The head of Arakan state and
Rakhine National Development Party
Led 2012
Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing Programme
"The Face of Buddhist Terror"
Entitled as
"Burmese Bin Ladin"
"969 Neo-Nazi Organization"
Described as
"Notorious Chauvinist"
Boycotting business with Muslims
Blocking Humanitarian supports
to Rohingya refugees
Opposing inter-faith marriage
Demanding to deport all Rohingya to a third country
969 & Wirathu
Burning Mosques and Muslim Houses
Not fully allow Humanitarian supports to Internally displaced Rohingya
Opposed changing
"1982 Citizenship Law"
His government defended two-child policy on Rohingya
Legitimates to the views of Rohingya not being from Burma
Still allows "the big perpetrators" to further inciting hatred and violence
Mass violence cannot be achieved
without the supports of the state.
Killing Muslims
Leading Terrorism
Inciting hatred
Claimed to use Israeli Policy
towards Rohingya
Asked UN to help expelling all Rohingya from Burma
Allows anti-Rohingya and anti-Muslim violence with impunity
His government forces widely involved all violence
The Chief
Than Shwe
Carried out a military coup after 1988 student uprisings
Became Chairman of State
Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) until 2011
Continued the racist citizenship Law
Stopped issuing birth-certificates to Rohingya children
Launched "Operation Clean Nation" in 1991 forcing over 250000 Rohingya to Bangladesh
Banned traveling outside Arakan state in 2001
Introduced two-child policy for Rohingya in 2005

Started fencing of Northern Arakan border in 2009

Thein Sein
Who are
We don't want Burma silently watching Hatred & Violence
The world most persecuted community
The Aims & Objectives
To seek permanent political & social solution to the problems
To strive for the restoration of our citizenship in Burma
To bring the criminals responsible for the recent genocide to International Criminal Court
To put pressure on the Burmese regime through European governments & NGOs
To work hand in hand with other Rohingya & non-Rohingya organizations
Our Activities
To work together with mutual trust & tranquility among brethren of other communities
To actively participate for the cause of Rohingya
To actively lobby international governments & NGOs for vulnerbility of Rohingya situation
Meeting with ERC's Chairman and Euro-Burma office in Belgium to further develop ERC and the oppressed Rohingya
Visiting and providing basic commodities to the onging suffering of registered and unregistered Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh
To plead international governmental bodies & NGOs to pay more attentions on Rohingya
To work together hand-in-hand with other Burmese communities for peaceful existence
Formed on 7th October 2012, in Esbjerg Denmark after two-days convention with Rohingya delegates from most of the European Countries
A Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, two Secretaries General, a Council comprising 12 Members, 8 Secretariats and an advisory board are elected for two-years term
More than one hundred young generations with vision, passion, solidarity, hope, unity and Perseverance finally decided to form an umbrella organization with the name of “The European Rohingya Council (ERC)”
Arakanes Kings
in Muslims Names &
Coins in Arabic Inscriptions
Grand Mosques of Arakanese Heritage built 600 years ago which all have been
Rohingya (Rooinga)
Natives of Arakan
in 1799 "A Comparative Vocabulary of Some of the Languages Spoken in the Burma Empire
Rohingya (Rooinga)
in 1811 "
Classical Journal
Rohingya (Rooinga)
in 1815 "
Grammaticae, Lexica
Citizen of Burma
in 1961 "
Tatmadaw (Army) Journal
Rohingya Language
National Language Programme
Thein Sein's Government & Rakhine Perpetrators are still
forbidding international journalists
to visit the most affected parts of Arakan in order to
hide the catastrophic effects of Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing.
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