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Pirates of the Caribbean

Behind the Scenes Project

Kara Martin

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Pirates of the Caribbean

Conclusion Introduction The Curse of the Black Pearl: 81 actors/actresses
Dead Man's Chest: 119 actors/actresses
At World's End: 129 actors/actresses
On Stranger Tides: 73 actors/actresses
Main actors/actresses: Johnny Depp,
Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley How many actors/actresses
are in each movie? How long did it take
to film each movie? The Curse of the Black Pearl: 6 months
Dead Man's Chest: 8 months
At World's End: 10 months
On Stranger Tides: 7 months Where were the
Pirates of the Caribbean
movies filmed? Beaches: Sola Fide Beach, Black Sand Beach,& Parley
Islands: Unnamed Island, Run Aground Archipelago, &
Rumrunners Isle
Other Locations: Farthest Gate, Caribbean Shoals, Turkish
Prison, Frozen Ocean, Tortuga, Isla de Muerta, Port Royal The actors/actresses, film length, and location
show how unique the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are. This is my favorite series of movies,
and I hope I have persuaded you to watch them
to. Behind the Scenes Pirates of the Caribbean Kara Martin "Drink up me hearty's yo ho!" Pirates of the Caribbean is a series of four movies (The Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man's Chest, At World's End, On Stranger Tides) which are full of action, suspense, and humor. Pirates of the Caribbean is a unique movie series because of its actors/actresses, filming length, and location which is created behind the scenes. Any Questions? Sources: www.imdb.com www.boxofficemojo.com
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