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SPEA V252 SP2012 #1 Intro Internships

Intro, Internships

Tara Elder

on 30 January 2012

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Transcript of SPEA V252 SP2012 #1 Intro Internships

Managing Your Career Making friends 56.5% 8% Who are we to give advice? Own it Managing personal expenses 92% Sharing toys Collaborating with others Expressing your opinion Be authentic. Know what matters to you.
Own your aspirations-whatever they are. Keys to Success Show Up Do the Work Standing WAY out in a competitive world Syllabus Activity Resources Biggest AHA! moments Questions?
Comments. What do you
need help with? Announcements What can you look foward to next week? Assignments It is your responsibility to READ IT! http://iub.edu/ http://roadtripnation.com/watch/watch_hub.php?x=4 http://www.linkedin.com/ 56.5% + 35.5% = Course and
Internship Grades Be authentic. Know what matters to you.
Own your aspirations-whatever they are. Course Basics
(V252/H267) 2 Credit hrs for grade Does not go
towards SPEA GPA Key Policies You MUST complete pre-approved Internship to earn all 3 credits SPEA majors ONLY! Must pass V252/H267 & have 2.3 SPEA GPA You will receive an "R" on your transcript for your Internship until you have completed BOTH the internship and paperwork Attendance Class Participation Assignments Check Oncourse regularly Reflections If you received a Road Trip Nation
grant, who would you choose to interview? (Name 3 people) Why did you choose to interview those 3 individuals? What are some questions you would want to ask each person?
(List at least 3 questions for each person) What is David Neeleman doing now? Be strategic!
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