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No description

Collington Clarkbasket

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Calligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy The Brush The Ink The Paper The Inkstone The most ancient of the four treasures, generally
made of animal hair and bamboo Made of graphite and vermilion, ancient
inks were in liquid form. Developed at the beginning of 100 AD
Some paper is said to last 1,000 years A stone with a well where powder from
the ink stick are mixed. The Four Treasures of the study The Tools of the Scholar More modern inksticks are made
of laquer, pine or oil soot. The Seal Personal Seals Name Free Studio philosophy, interests, etc Name of private studio jack yan taichi studio Styles of Calligraphy Standard Style Kai Hsin Walking Style Tsao Running Style Zuan Seal Style cursive script semi-cursive script block script s

t Li Clerical Style official script of the artist, owner, collector the more esteemed a piece, the more seals "The energy present in the moment
of writing is visible in the
finished piece." I have no desire for wealth
or noble rank. My only love
is for those letters from the
brushes of the men of
antiquity -Mi Fu
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