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English Project '13

No description

keri lockett

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of English Project '13

Events that have
prevented the
United States
becoming a more perfect union.

Events from the18th19th century include:
1712 The Willie Lynch Letter(This used speech used envy, fear, distrust and differences to keep the slaves in control

1860-1870 Civil War ( Confederates vs. Union) It was battle between the people for slavery and the ones against it.

* 1865 December 24 (The Ku Klux Klan was founded and Confederate Nathan Bedford Forrest was the first grandmaster.) This was a group of people who didn't favor the presence of African Americans.

1876-1965 Jim Crow Laws (These laws segregated public facilities. This set a "seperate but equal" status for African Americans
Events from the 20th century include:
* August 6th & 9th 1945 (Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki) This bomb destroyed many cities and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people.
* 1960 ( Lunch counter sit-ins begin in the south marks the begining of the "Civil Rights Movement") Many resturants were segregated and some African Americans fought for desegregation.
Events from the 21st century include:
2001 September 11 (Terrorist attack on "Twin Towers") After the attack, people from over seas were thought of as terrorist.
2001 The Patriot Act (It was supposed to protect Americans from terrorist) As an example, air plane security became more detailed and some Americans felt uncomfortable. Also some people felt as though the goverment was listening in on their phone calls, and people felt they had no privacy.
...And thats some events that have prevented the U.S. from becoming a more perfect union.
Keisha L.

Kaychelle G.
Johndell P.

Milan J.
Michael N.
Shuriel R.
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