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How Organisations Use ICT: G041 Exam

Brief Summary of Exam and Pre-Release

Paul Moore

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of How Organisations Use ICT: G041 Exam

G041 Exam How Organisations Use ICT The Case Study The Case Study An Exam with a difference This tells us all about the business you will be asked questions on.

This year it is PROGRESS BLINDS

You need to familiarise yourself with the case study material - so read it... many times.

You will be asked questions in the exam that are directly related to the case study, it is important that you are able to quickly locate the answers.

To help you there are 3 pre-release tasks
Short Essay Notes Notes are to help you rearrange the case study information into a format you can quickly access during the exam.

You will make notes on specific topics.

These will be submitted to the Exams Office before the exam and will be on your desk when you enter. Pre-Release Tasks 2 & 3 These are worth up to 30 marks of the exam.

You will complete them in EXAM CONDITIONS in the classroom.

I cannot mark them, only estimate how many marks they may be worth.

They will be marked by the examiner with your exam Pre-Release Tasks These are YOUR responsibility.

They are always in the specific order of:
these help with answering questions and are not worth any marks
asks you to show a process in the business as an information flow diagram - 15 marks
Short Essay
asks you to write about a process and apply it to the business - very important to be succinct (straight to the point) - 15 marks Exam Section A All about the business.

All questions relate to the business from the case study.

You will be able to use your notes to help answer

Very important to use the answers from the
case study and NOT MAKE UP YOUR OWN!

Usually 50 marks Exam Section B NOT RELATED TO THE CASE STUDY

This will ask you further questions related to how organisations use ICT.

You will need to use your knowledge and memory to answer these questions.

Usually 20 marks
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