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Welcome to the Metaverse

Professional Networking with Web 2.0

Fleep Tuque

on 12 April 2010

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Transcript of Welcome to the Metaverse

Digital (r)Evolution
Welcome to the Metaverse Chris Collins (Fleep Tuque)
IT Analyst, Project Manager
UCit Instructional & Research Computing
chris.collins@uc.edu ~ http://fleeptuque.com ~
My Work @ UC UC Directory (1999) Blackboard (2001) Podcasting (2005) Second Life (2007) Evolution of the Web Virtual Worlds
Use game tech
But not games
http://homepages.uc.edu/secondlife No More Excuses! Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMO[RPG]) $1.4 billion industry - bigger than Hollywood
Levels, goals, objectives - it's a game
Environment created by the company, can't be edited by players 14 million players Classic MMOs had a fantasy theme Image courtesy George Panella of Razor Studios
http://www.razorstudio.com/ The first national survey of its kind finds that virtually all American teens play computer, console, or cell phone games and that the gaming experience is rich and varied, with a significant amount of social interaction and potential for civic engagement. The survey was conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, an initiative of the Pew Research Center. (2008) Game playing is universal, with almost all teens playing games and at least half playing games on a given day. Game playing experiences are diverse, with the most popular games falling into the racing, puzzle, sports, action and adventure categories. More than half - 53% - of all American adults play video games of some kind. Games and Virtual Worlds target pre-school -> teens -> adults Why Second Life? What is the Metaverse?
Where did Virtual Worlds come from? Market leader in Virtual World technology
Allows "user generated content"
75% of userbase is international
Very low cost (1 year vs 3 days of Bb cost)
Critical mass of educational institutions (400+) Why Second Life? Emergent Behaviors A virtual campus for UC
Visitors get a sense of our institution
Distance learning students have a place to meet
A sense of Place.. Engaging, interactive, immersive
Feel like you are "meeting" others
Fully integrated, spatial voice communication A sense of Presence... Training
Prototyping A sense of Play... Not so far fetched.. or far off!
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