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Cris Kelman

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of Torture

The Crime of Torture
No Justice
Torture continues is illegal and has been outlawed since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

Although 158 countries have signed the UN Convention against Torture countries still continue to practice it either openly or hidden in secret behind their communities backs.

Everyone is at risk to torture regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or race and it takes place in the majority of countries in the world.
Over the last 5 years Amnesty International has reported torture in at least 3 quarters of the world; 141 countries.

80 percent of respondents want strong laws to protect them from this abuse

But one in every third of people believe that torture is somehow justified.
What is Torture?
Torture is the intentional infliction of severe mental or physical harm by or with the consent of state authorities for a specific outcome.

Torture is often used to abuse, to obtain specific knowledge or a confession, to take revenge or create fear within a population.

Torture causes psychological and emotional consequences for victims. That can cause anxiety, depression, irritability, and emotional instability.
US President Barack Obama has acknowledged that the US has used torture as part of the CIA’s post 9/11 interrogation program.

We must speak out and block countries from using any forms of torture in interrogations because it occurs everywhere even at home.

It’s true that torture sends strong message warning those within a political, social, or religious opposition,
but it also displays to us normal citizens that we can not rightly claim to live in a free or safe society.

A government's decision to torture shows that they

Do not respect or guarantee their citizens basic human rights. If freedom is not respected, people are not respected.

The torturing of civilians is revoking one of our essential freedom rights
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Torture most often takes place in places of detention. Which allows torture to remain a “secret” or “hidden” problem in the world, places of detention are often well outside of public view and therefore escape public condemnation.

Amnesty International reports that in fact, governments spend more money covering up and denying torture than the amount of money they spend on the actual investigation into torture.
Torture should be prohibited all around the world.

In order to obtain this possible outcome we must speak out against torture and not let it lurk in the shadows and slip away.
Torture techniques are often designed to leave as few marks as possible to avoid possible future prosecution for the crimes.
The aim of torture is to destroy the self-esteem and lose all hope

Blinding with light
Bone breaking

Sexual Assualt
Torture is inhumane, and corrodes the freedom we fought so hard to protect. As well as undermines the criminal justice system. Every day somewhere in the world, unimaginable horrors of torture are the reality for countless men and woman. Therefore torture must be exclaimed by victims and if we do not speak out there will always be injustice of our basic liberal rights.
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