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Resources Futures

No description

Simon Bates

on 28 June 2015

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Transcript of Resources Futures

Monitoring and Evaluation
90% take-up
Full subsidy spent
50% of participants did something 'new'
40% of participants invested in a sustainable activity
6/10 schools reported a drop in sanctions against 'at risk' pupils
Youth workforce reported a 40% increase in contacts
Benefits include 'fly-papering' contact
1 shortlist, 1 award
Project gained national recognition across key media
Background and aims
Everett Rogers 'The Diffusion of Innovations'
Why & How
What happened
What did I learn?
Focus on hidden barriers
Use peers
Intermediaries have needs
Increasing aspiration and resilience through positive activities
Used to develop project

Keen risk takers,
promote project
to others
Want security, greater
focus of workforce
and action planning
Increased barriers to entry, transport,
confidence and motivation.
Workforce engaged in supporting
and planning
Big challenge to project 80/20 rule. Can only be pulled in via examples set by previous group
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