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Copy of Task 1: Evidence

No description

Ben Jones

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Task 1: Evidence

Task 1: Email etiquette
A: Saving the file
A: Unzipping the file
C: Email contacts
A: Receiving The Email
I received an email from the Office manager with a zip file attached to it.
I then opened and saved the file named jbfiles.
I saved the zip file in my downloads and then moved it to a suitable folder.
I selected 'extract all' in the right click drop down menu and unzipped the file. This allows easy access to the compressed file by taking the insides of the folder out and creating a normal folder in the chosen directory.
I accessed the unzipped file and the file inside was named R002.
I created a contact list with Administration, Finance, JMCfactory and The Office manager in it. This will allow me to easily send group emails to all these departments and even send emails to them directly. This would also, in turn help me to crate an automated email system that only apply to theses people.
It allows me to fill in details like 'Job title' and 'assistant'.
C: Inbox rule
I created a new sub-folder inside 'Inbox' called 'JB clothing emporium' and then a sub folder inside that called 'Staff' to sore all the emails received from my contacts.
I set my inbox rule so that all the emails received from my contacts would automatically be saved in 'JB clothing emporium'. This would make it a lot easier to find the emails and not having to navigate through emails from other people.
Advanced Inbox rule
This inbox rule was for the customers:
I created another sub-folder inside JB clothing emporium called customers to collect all the emails sent by customers in one place.
I then added another action so that the message received from the customer would be forwarded to the Administration director. Obviously I did not want staff emails to be sent to this folder so I added an exception so that any email received from any of my contacts would be discarded from the rule all together.
Advanced inbox rule
This rule was to specify the urgency of emails
I added an inbox rule that marks my emails as very important if they contain the phrases, 'please read', 'emergency', 'urgency', 'ASAP', 'by tomorrow', 'as soon as possible' or 'urgent' and was sent by one of my contacts. This is helpful because any email which contains one of these urgent phrases will be acknowledged.
C: Email signature
I created an email signature with my initials and job title to be automatically typed on every email. I added a temporary logo afterward which I will soon replace with the logo that will be created in task 2.
C: Automatic reply
I created an automatic reply rule that sends the message, 'I'm sorry, I am currently out of office. I will surely get back to you within the next 72 hours' to everybody that emails me between 5:00 PM and 9:00 AM the following morning.
Sending the email
This is an example of the email tools in use. I replied to the office manager's email and used my email signature. It was easy to find the email because it was in a folder called 'staff' under 'JB clothing emporium' so all I had to do was reply. I found the tools very useful as it saved me a lot of time and confusion.
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