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The PillCam

A Robotics Presentation

Aadarsh Padiyath

on 19 March 2011

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Transcript of The PillCam

An Application of Robotics: The PillCam By Aadarsh Padiyath My research question What is the PillCam and how does it work? Bluetooth is a wireless connection or a language between machines or robots Transmits low-power radio waves that sends images to the data recorder Inside the PillCam Crohn's disease Inflammatory disease of the intestines "Rashes inside your digestive system" Benefits of the PillCam PillCam is the most widely used patient-friendly tool
PillCam offers a simple, safe and an alternative to other imaging procedures
after the patient swallows he/she can resume normal activities during the procedure Risks Not for patients with other electronic devices or swallowing disorders
Capsule could get stuck
Skin irritation
surgical intervention if any of these risks occur Agile Pill Has medicine that comes out of it when it is in the small intestine Before the PillCam Before PillCam the diagnosis had to rely on the patient telling the doctor what is happening and sometimes the doctors would get it wrong References ieee spectrum
Giving imaging What is the PillCam? The PillCam is a pill shaped robot that you can swallow and it will take pictures of your digestive tract Thank you Questions? When I was researching this I was thinking that in the future the PillCam should beable to grow arms and stop itself. Doctors send PillCams to see how bad the "rashes" are hi hi hi 1 camera 2 cameras LED Camera batteries optical Dome 3/21/11 Bluetooth
Connector Bluetooth hi history The Agile pill was made before the PillCam and it couldn't take pictures
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