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Israr Sherif

Prezi SCU

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of EPS

Employees and Payroll
System (EPS)
Student ID:
Student Name: THANK YOU! Israr abd Al-karim Al-sharif
Problem Software Tools Future Work Sketches After I visited the origination SHARIF GROP, I noticed that the crowd of employee is sand in along queue in front of manger’s office, so I have decided to ask the Management Employees about what they think the problem might be. Most of them, plus Manger I know in had mostly the same answer; beside, origination doesn’t have management system for their employee. Employees are the backbone of the company where the production rate depends on them. That is why I have to make sure that they get adequate Belonging to the company in adequate manner.
Israr El-Sharif Abstract EPS is a facilitates most of origination activities through the electronic way.
It suits with origination’s requirements to satisfy on recording data of its employ and ease of calculating their salary. It makes easier for the company to calculate the end of the fiscal year, compute allowances, bonuses, incentives and with the ability to print the entire contents of personnel file.
Also allows graphs showing some analysis and statistics.
Aims My main aims is developing a software system (Employee and payroll System) are summarized as follows:
EPS provides an easy access to lots of information about the origination, employee, payroll and permission or vacation. All these information will be available in the system. Database of employee’s information such as their salary, performance reports, degree and absence. Account for employee to follow up and track the performance, salary and absence also to get the holiday’s days. Includes a questionnaire with the possibility to analyze the results and view it in Chart. System Description When the user start the EPS system he has to login first by his username and password; when he write his login information and click login, the system will determine the user type according to the login information that the user has just entered. Then the user will follow the function flow as shown in figure. Administrator will be managing the system; they can add or remove accounts, edit information about a management employee or an employee. As illustrated in figure. Main inputs and outputs of the system Entity Relationship
Diagram EPS Project Plan Inception
Phase Elaboration
Phase Learning Language
Technology Phase Actual Design
Implementation Phase Testing Phase For Modeling For Coding For Database Management For Planning Microsoft Visio
The basic design and modeling tool used for the project. I used it for use cases diagram and ERD. Oracle developer 6i
It’s the basic Integrated Development Environment for coding and implementation of the project. Oracle Database
It is the Database Management system for the EPS’s database. Microsoft Project
It is used for modeling the overall plan for the project. Learn and practice more about database developer and oracle database.
Looking for pre-made such systems and study their source codes to find out the best way to implement the system. Review some information about database where this will be needed for our database.
Read more about how to write reports, so this can help me in writing our final report in a good way.
Visit some companies and see if I can include any new idea to my project that may help arranging a company.
When starting to feel enough confident about my knowledge in the previous steps I will start the actual design and implementation of the system and I will try to make it happen as soon as possible.
After addition of the previous steps and the rest steps until the end of project, I came up with the plan in question 3. Because the calendar is not yet set in the university website, I put a near milestone of finishing the project. When the calendar is updated I will update the date of the milestone of finishing the project.
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