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presentation DTLLS

No description

Kathy Brodie

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of presentation DTLLS

Unit 5 Presentation Continuing Personal and
Professional Development

Kathy Brodie Skills needed to fulfil roles CPPD Early Childhood
Studies Teacher Personal Beliefs Plan, design and deliver on
degree courses Tutor individual learner support
signposting to other support Team New member, so still
finding my way Professional Interpersonal Like being with students
Passionate about topic
Enjoy putting course
content together Teacher:
DTLLS course
Turnitin Early Childhood Studies:
Early Years Professional Network
Reading journals, magazines
Keeping up to date with reviews
Visiting nurseries Relate to learner's
Taught all levels
Enjoy being in the
classroom Dual professionalism Literacy: breadth and depth reading
ICT: Smartboards, Prezi, Turnitin
Numeracy: Still trying to incorporate! Learning MUST have some contribution
towards practice Assumptions Learners
to engage Behaviours Enthusiastic
Inclusive My own: Impact on
learners Positive Challenges Encourages enthusiasm
Learning is reinforced
Can take learning straight
from classroom to nursery Frustration at
learners not engaging
Reliance on discussion
can be risky Strengths
and weaknesses Strength Have done the
course and worked
in childcare Weakness Finding the
balance between time, information sharing and covering the curriculum Gives learners
confidence in
Helps me to
with process Confusion when
concepts are hurried
at discussions being cut short
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