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Chaffey Memorial Library

No description

Victoria Waddle

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of Chaffey Memorial Library

By the way--another book made into a movie.
Research shows that reading makes you a better person.
Deep reading improves your ability to analyze.
We have high interest books for thoughtful teens.
Books answer personal questions.
Reading is entertaining.
Party animal decides to give his shy, nerdy girlfriend lessons on coolness.
Chaffey Memorial Library
Part of your social and educational network
So where did you think they got the ideas for good movies anyway?
Speaking of popular books . . .
The basics
treat others as you want to be treated.
treat our materials as you want your materials to be treated.
return books in a timely manner so that others can enjoy them as well.

The usual rules apply
and what they all come down to is this:

Ms. Waddle's book blog--reviews of good books
You are charged for lost, damaged or destroyed materials.
What happens when materials
aren't treated well?
We have multiple copies of popular books.
Don't let books get wet!
Reading increases connectivity in your brain.
Moldy books eventually end up like this. Always. So you will be charged to replace a moldy book. Always.
There's a reason we do that . . .
It's expensive!
Don't let it happen!
Four searches: Author, Title, Subject, Keyword
WebPath Express in the catalog
A new review weekly--or check by genre
Try Destiny Quest for Fun
Two clicks and you're in.
Help us get free books
Fiction--South Reading Room
Generally, graphic novels are organized by series so that the series is shelved in one place and easy to find.
GN=Graphic Novel
Graphic Novels--South Reading Room
Dewey: 100's =philosophy and psychology
then alpha by author's last name
Nonfiction has a 'Dewey Decimal' number.
GN= Graphic Novel
Walking Dead=alpha by title
#9=which book in the series
The spine label gives you the exact location of the book in the library.
Reading spine labels
alpha by the subject's last name

Biography--South Reading Room
You become more empathetic--you relate to others better.
You learn to handle problems better.
What haunts John Bartle after he returns from war in Iraq?
Marcelo knows that his father is covering up information about a terrible accident. Does he do the ethical thing and betray his dad?
Punk kid from dysfunctional family has late puberty and becomes stupid fast--as well as very hairy.
Search the catalog
(we'll practice this today)!
Dewey number--940.53 (means WWII)
Author's last name or series title
V=volume # in the set
These don't check

Reference--North Reference Room
No worries--research help in your next visit
Knowledge is power.
Philosophical Stance of All Libraries in America
to help you!
But what Ms. Waddle, Mrs. Beck and Mrs. Merenda and Mr. Llewellyn really live for is . . .
Digital literacy
Information literacy
and just plain literacy with great reads!
Mad scientist turns teen guys into insect monsters who only like to do two things. Wait--are they that much different?
We are open-minded.
We don't censor your reading. You are almost an adult--if you don't like it, don't read it.
Website evaluation
May I use Wikipedia?
How do I cite a film clip in my presentation?
What's an authoritative resource?
Which information is credible?
How do I use Webpath Express?
Book about the life of
Mark Owen
Book about the life of
Louis Zamperini
novel by Andrew
novel by Rainbow
The call number you copy from the catalog is the same as information on the spine label.
alpha by author's last name
by series and number--Amulet #2
You don't have to know what the numbers mean. You just have to know how to count to 999.999.
This is so that all books about the same subject will be in one place.
Dewey: 300's=social sciences
then alpha by author's last name
Reference is for quick information. You usually only read a few pages of the book.
You must write down the call number to find the book.
7:30 AM-3:30 PM
Friday 9:00 AM-3:30 PM
After-school tutoring
M-Th 3:15-5:15
Most books check out for two weeks!
Write down the call number!
Four searches: Author, Title, Subject, Keyword
Search the catalog
(we'll practice this today)!
You must write down the call number to find the book.
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