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No description

Océane Geslin

on 4 June 2012

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Transcript of Suffragette

Suffragettes ,are the activists the Women's Social and Political Union, an organization created in 1903 to demand voting rights for women in the UK
The suffragettes were heard by
In 1918 women could vote at 30 years old, while men could vote at 21 years old. Women can vote at age 21 in 1928
Before World War I, women were generally regarded as less intelligent than men.
Yet during nineteenth century women's rights have evolved. The women who were married could vote in some elections and had a little power in schools.
The Suffragettes
Charlotte Despard
Some Suffragettes...
On this photo, this women was 64 years old. She was one of leaders of the Suffregettes.
Emmeline Pankhurst (1858-1928)
She is the founder ,in 1903, of the W.S.P.U with her two daughters: Christabel and Sylvia.
(The Women's Social and Political Union)
Long life to
Freedom of Women
The W.S.P.U. was founded in 1903. This foundation was the first group of Suffragette.
Thanks for listening to us !!!
The end ...

Can you answer these questions ...
1) What is W.S.P.U. ?

2) Who founded this ?

3) When ?
The End !!
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