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greek mythology

No description

Roslin Chen

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of greek mythology

Greek and Roman Mythology:
Phaeton and the Fiery Steeds

By: Whatever The Name
Our Story Will Be

Although he was the ruler of the underworld and the god of the dead, he wasn't the god of death. That was another god named Thanatos. He ruled the people who lived in his kingdom, but never decided that they would die. He also lived with a three headed dog who he made guardian of the underworld named Cerberus. Cerberus would tear apart anybody who tried to escape the underworld.
The End

-Winning against the Titans along with his siblings. Beating the Titans is how he came to get his invisibility helmet
Greek name:
Roman name:
Hades was the god of the underworld, and the ruler of the dead. He was also known as Pluto which is his Roman name. He was the son of Cronus and Rea, and the brother of Zeus and Poseidon. His sisters were Demeter, Hera, and Hestia. Hades was married to Persephone, who he kidnapped and brought down to the underworld.
The Greek people didn't really like to talk about him because they were afraid it would result in their death. Hades grew to love his kingdom and rarely left. His weapon was a pitchfork, and he could use it to create earthquakes. He also had the helmet of invisibility that was a present from the cyclopes.
Hades wasn't a very nice god. Living in the dark for a long time rubbed off on his personality and some of the other gods no longer liked his company. He rarely liked leaving his kingdom, and when he did he wasn't seen due to his invisibility helmet. Almost no temples were built to Hades
Hades' Kingdom
The myth Phaeton and the Fiery Steeds takes place in Greece. It is based around a young boy named Phaeton. He is taunted by the other school kids for saying his father is Apollo. In response to the children, Phaeton's mother, Clymene, advises him to seek out his father. When Phaeton arrives at Apollo's palace they rejoice. Apollo vows to grant his son anything he would like. Phaeton asks to drive his father's chariot across the morning sky. Apollo tells him it is too dangerous, but Phateon does not listen and pleads his father to let him drive it. And despite his father's persuasion, Phaeton drives the chariot. But, he runs off course and the world is set on fire. Zeus seeing this has no choice but to kill Phaeton, and save everyone else. His siblings, mother, father, and friends all grieve for Phaeton, and in pity the gods change them to nature, so they can be closer to their lost friend.
- Pretty much entire history of Phaeton
- History of Apollo
- of the swan
- of the tall poplar tree
- Don't make promises you can't keep.
- Don't try to be a god (hubris).
- Don't try so hard to impress people.
- Don't let your dreams fog logic and reason

- Good tragedy story
In our myth, Phaeton's hubris was driving his father's chariot trying to act as one of the gods, and doing their work. His punishment for this was death, he was partly killed for his hubris, but also to save the earth after he sets it on fire. After Zeus kills him the gods take pity on his family, and help them to be closer to their deceased friend.
an innocent.
- naive
- full of wonder
- sees only the beauty of the world
- denies the possibility of threats or problems
- disciplined
- instinctively defeats threat

Physical Appearance
Apollo is depicted as a beardless handsome young youth with long golden hair.
Apollo's Family
Symbols of Apollo
Apollo slayed the serpent Python in revenge for his mother, who had been followed endlessly by the monster when she was pregnant.
He slayed the Tityus, a Phokian giant who attempted to carry his mother away.
Apollo shot plague-infected arrows at the Greeks in the Trojan War, and aided Prince Paris to defeat Achilles, a hero of the Trojan war, by driving an arrow into his heel.
Personality Traits:
Apollo is described as a very courageous god who is willing to help out others. He slayed evil creatures and monsters, and saved the lives of many, including his mother and Prince Paris.
Zeus, his father
Leto, his mother
Artemis, his twin sister
Branch of laurel
Bow and quiver
Apollo is the god of the sun, light, music, and mathematics. He is also known as the god of healing, in giving the science of medicine to men; the god of truth, and the Archer. He shoots with a silver bow, and though at the same time he can prevent sicknesses, Apollo's arrows can bring forth disease and plague. It is said a god who can bring forth a disease can also prevent it.
Apollo's birth:
Apollo was born on the island of Delos, an island found by his mother Leto. When Hera, Zeus' wife, found out Leto was pregnant, she was angry at the woman for seducing her husband. She forbade Leto from giving birth on land. Zeus pitied Leto, and transformed her into a quail to fly to another place to give birth. Leto searched around for a place to stay, but there was no place in Greece willing to offer a shelter to the woman. In the end the island of Delos was found. The island was beaten by waves, but it was willing to allow Leto to stay, and there Apollo and his twin sister Artemis were born.
Phaeton and the Fiery Steeds:
1. What was Phaeton's hubris?
2. Who is Phaeton's father?
3. Which god punishes Phaeton?

Apollo and Hades:
1.What is Hades' domain?
2. What is Hades' Roman name?
3. What is Apollo's Roman name?
4. What is one of Apollo's symbols?
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