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Northern Lights Education Initiative

No description

Erin Carter

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Northern Lights Education Initiative

Northern Lights
Education Initiative a group of engaged parents, educators, and community members to work together for choice in education Choice vision MOdel To work together to offer choice in education in Northwestern Ontario We envision a generation...

that will together build a thriving, healthy, sustainable, and resilient Thunder Bay;

equipped with the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive skills to adapt to change and mobilize innovative solutions;

awake to their interconnectedness to the social-ecological reality of their community. Our mission of education for this alternative school is to weave a learning system around each child that nurtures...

imaginative, interconnected thinking;
passion and emotional involvement to learning;
self-determined action rooted in place. WE VALUE... OUR PHILOSOPHY imagination intuition critical thinking mutual respect care and understanding responsibility determination civic engagement interconnectedness ART MUSIC DANCE Handrafts READING WRITING MATH Science Implementation and Governance

drawing upon success
key partnerships & stakeholders
advisory committee
funding alternatives
unique to Northwestern Ontario
ongoing evaluation "We are currently trying to sell our place in B.C. and move to Thunder Bay area because of the hopes of this alternative school. This is a huge incentive and I pray it happens. I know many others who would flock to the area as has happened for any waldorf or other alternative schools that have opened. I have many connections with homeschoolers in BC who struggle with the high price of land but stay because of the alternative education provided in so many places, but would love to move to a more affordable area knowing there is a chance for their children to go to a school like this." Why? to meet the needs of a diverse student body
to meet the needs of families in Northwestern Ontario
to offer choice in education models
to attract new families to the Lakehead School Board
to prepare students for an interconnected global future
to ground learning in the knowledge of our community

Imaginative and Interconnected Thinking Passion and Emotional Invovlement in Learning Self-Determined Action Rooted in Place
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