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Full Tilt

No description

Sam Chen

on 24 August 2013

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Transcript of Full Tilt

Full Tilt
By Neal Shusterman
Prezi by: Sam Chen
This story takes place in the present day at an evil carnival built off people's greatest fears in a different dimension.
The setting shapes the plot because it is one of the major conflicts the main character faces in the story.
The author uses this setting to create a haunting and creepy mood.
Main Character
Blake is a hardworking and responsible high school student. He was recently accepted into Columbia University in New York.
Blake is very cautious and careful in everything he does. He is also very kind and caring always looking after others before himself.
Blake faces many struggles outside and inside himself as he moves through the story. His decisions shape the plot as he struggles to solve the conflict.
Full tilt is a fictional story about a teenager that must go into a phantom carnival to save his crazy thrill-seeking little brother.
It all starts when Blake gets an invitation to a mysterious carnival by an even more mysterious girl.
When Blake's little brother, Quinn, falls into a coma he knows it has something to do with the mysterious carnival.
He goes after Quinn but soon realizes something is wrong. All the people at the park seem to get lost in the thrill of the rides.
Blake realizes that the rides there can kill you and if he doesn't get through 7 rides before sunrise he will be trapped there forever.
Blake struggles to save his brother and escape from the carnival all while trying to unravel a terrible secret from his past.
Man vs Man
Blake must try to defeat an all-powerful being called Cassandra that controls and embodies the park.
Man vs Nature
The park itself is a living creature that feeds and grows off the souls of the people who are trapped there.
Each ride at the park is designed off your greatest fears making them even more deadly.
Man vs. Self
Blake is sometimes he is too careful to do anything that involves risk even if he knows it will be beneficial for him.
Blake also comes from a rough family with his father leaving his mom to care for two boys by herself.
The crash has always haunted him because he feels like he is missing a memory about the crash.
Blake is able to conquer his greatest fears and complete 7 rides before sunrise to escape the park.
Cassandra however still has Quinn trapped and knowing that Blake will go back to save him convinces Blake to go on one final ride.
She traps Blake in a memory of the school bus crash from years ago and forces Blake to experience it over and over again.
Suddenly Blake's memory comes back; he was able to survive by jumping off the bus, and in turn possibly pushing the bus over the edge of a ravine.
Blake now at peace that he knows what truly happened at the bus crash shuts down Cassandra and her park once and for all.
Blake and his friends escape and Quinn wakes up from his coma.
"I knew it couldn't be happening, and yet it seemed so real, - more than real. There was a heightened sense of reality to everything around us,
as if this place truly was made up of whole new dimensions beyond the three that filled up the rest of our lives."
The author's tone is solemn and a sense of awe as he describes the feeling of being in a new dimension.
But Blake's greatest challenge is his memory of a terrible bus crash on his way to school, a crash killing everybody but him.
“To be completely helpless in the face of life―powerless to do a single thing―that's what I'd always feared more than anything.
It was like I'd been keeping all the edges of my life neat and clean, pretending the neatness was all that mattered, pretending life could somehow be controlled.”
This is one of Blake's weaknesses and expresses Blake's reasoning for being neat and careful all the time.
He thinks that if he doesn't take risks and keeps everything neat he can control what happens to him in life.
Main Character
Cassandra is the antagonist in the book. She is the mysterious girl that invited Blake to the park in the first place.
She is constantly trying to stop Blake from finishing the rides and in turn destroying the park.
She is the soul of the park and is unstoppable as long as her park is standing.
However since she isn't human she hasn't experienced many things such as fear and loss which Blake uses to his advantage.
You must realize your weaknesses to be able to overcome them.
Every ride in the park caused Blake to face one of his greatest fears.
This allowed Blake to realize his weaknesses and enable him to find out how to solve them.
But the rides allowed Blake to see the darkest parts of him.
Personal Response
I thought that Full Tilt was a great book not only because of the constant thrills.
I enjoyed that it explored many of the psychological parts of life as well.
I think the book shows that everybody has many mistakes and the park just blows these mistakes up until they overwhelm you.
The theme applies to everybody, as everybody needs to realize how they can change to become better.
In my case when I play piano I need to see what I'm doing wrong to be able to perform better.
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