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j.Halloran, Simon pd. 4

No description

Neil Sullivan

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of j.Halloran, Simon pd. 4

j.Halloran, Simon pd. 4
By: Jack Halloran
Physical description
Throughout the text it made Simon sound like he was a short boy.

"If simon walks in the middle of us we will talk over his head." pg.24
Most important Action.
The most important action Simon did was to go on an expedition to see if the boys were the only ones on the island and if what they were on was just an island.

" Three of us- if we take more then we get all mixed, and lose each other-three of us will go on an expedition and find out."(pg 23-24)
Second Most Important Action
Simon was established to not be helpful to Ralph and Jack. So Simon decided to be helpful to only himself on their expedition.

"Simon had to do a double shuffle to keep up with the others." (pg .24)
Third Most Important Action
Simon mentions his hunger to the other boys and then they realize everyone needs food.

"when simon mentions his hunger, the others became aware of theirs"(pg 30)
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