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Chapter 18 Props, Set Design and Scenery

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Armwood High School

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 18 Props, Set Design and Scenery

Chapter 18
Props Set Design and Scenery

By the end of this Chapter you should be able to...
Identify the factors to be considered when selecting furniture for a production
Interior Decoration for TV
Set Dresser
Any item Handled by the performers during production, other than Furniture
Hang loosely in attractive folds creating interesting texture and shadow pattern
Creating 3-D Sets
Set dressing should be arranged so that there are items in foreground, middle ground, and background of shot

Recognize the difference between set dressing and props,
Explain how the pattern of materials used on a set affects the video image.
Set Dressing
All of the Design and
visual Elements Placed
on the Set
Responsible for setting
the furniture, wall and
window coverings.
Set Design
Scale drawing of the set that is Viewed from above. Used to Show the location of Props/Furniture and other major pieces of the set.
Why do you think Designs are typically drawn from above?
When deciding on Furniture...
Not Shiny
Furniture Placement
Placed in the center of the room
Backlighting Purposes
The Purpose of Backlighting is to separate the talent from the set by shining a light from behind them.
Set Design Assignment
Pay attention to the placement of the furniture on the set. Notice how the Arrangement of the furniture create dimension in the scene.
Each Line on your paper = 1 Foot
Monica's Apartment
The Cosby Show
The Livingroom
Draw the Set on your Own sheet Notebook Paper
Set Dressing that is used by the talent.
Cream Make-up
Photographic Dulling Spray
At Least 6 Feet from the Wall
Jon Walks into the house and grabs a cup of juice out of the Fridge and sits on the couch to watch TV.
Set has easy chair, lamp, end table with newspaper, drink coaster, reading glasses, and TV remote control on table.

Man walks in, sits, turns on lamp, opens newspaper to crossword puzzle, puts on reading glasses, takes pencil out of shirt pocket and begins working puzzle.

Identify which items are props, furniture set dressings.
art on the wall, chair, Coffee mug, computer, desks, gradebook, large map, paper clip dispenser, papers, pens, pencils, projector, stapler, teacher's desk, whiteboard.

The teacher walks in, sits down on the chair, picks up a pen and begins grading a paper he records the grades in the gradebook and takes a sip of coffee.

Identify which items are set dressings, props or furniture.
Furniture is only considered a prop when it is used in a way for which it does not appear to be designed
Armchair that traps someone who sits in it
A fridge that swings open to reveal a young actor hiding inside

Furniture used as a Prop
can be stretched tight to form featureless background for limbo shooting. Called a cyclorama (cyc).
Painted and used as walls in the background
Reproduce real life environment, such as living room space
Painted with scenery, unlike curtain, which is one color
Skyline of London
Polynesian island
The Alps
Grand ballroom
Creates depth in three dimensions for 2-D television screen
Visual Design Considerations
Colors and Patterns on Set
Consideration should also be given to choosing colors complementary to costumes worn by talent
Be wary of patterns of fabrics and wallpapers that may cause moiré
Contrast ratio limitations must be considered when determining color for set walls and set dressings
Furniture or Set Dressing
Striking the Set!
When set is no longer needed
Large set pieces often saved for use on future sets
1. What are 2 Factors to consider when selecting Furniture?

2. What is a Prop?

3. How is a cyc different from a backdrop?

4. How does a crew strike the set?

5. What would be the difference between an interior designer and a set dresser?
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