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Dannie Stevens

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Tigers

Dannie Stevens

What Are Tigers
Tigers are mammals.
Mammals are warm blooded.
Tigers are part of the cat family or species.
There are 9 different species of tigers but 3 of them are extinced
One species is the Bengal tiger and this one is alive today.
Another species is the Indochinese tiger and it is still alive today.
There are about 500 Indochinese tigers left in the world.
Another species is the Malayan tiger.
There are about 4000 Bengal tigers left
There are about 500 Malayan tigers left.
Another species is the Sumatran tiger.
There are about 441 to 600 Sumatran tigers left.

Another species of tiger is the siberan tiger
there are about 400 to 500 siberan tigers left.
Another species is the south china tiger
there are about 20 south china tigers left in the world
Now the next there species of tigers I'm going to talk about are extinct
Extinct means that There is no more of that species, family, or lager group so there gone
The first species of extinct tigers are the Bali tigers
The Bail tiger went extinct in 1937
The next species of extinct tigers are the Caspian tigers
The Caspian tigers went extinct in the 1990's
The last species of extinct tigers are the Javan tigers
The javan tigers went extinct in the mid 1970's
Also I would like to say that Tigers are going extinct.
Tigers can mate any time of the year
Tigers are noisy when mating.
When tigers mate it last 10 to 15 seconds
After mating the male tiger does not stay with the female tiger and also does not help with raising the cubs
After about 100 or more days or so the female tiger has the babies or the cubs.
Female tigers can have 1 to 4 babies but most of the time they can have 2 to 3
When tiger cubs are born they are born in a type of shelter like caves or in tall grass
new born tiger cubs can wiegh between 700 to 1400 grams
At 2 months tigers are able to go with there when she hunts
Then at month 5 tiger cubs go on actual hunting with there mother.
There mother teaches them to stalk, attack, and finally to kill the pray.
Now when tiger cubs are about 1 year old they whigeht 90 to 130 kg
At about ages two to three tigers start getting the general color of adults
Tigers separate from there mother about age 2 or 3
Tiger cubs separate from there mother at about age 3
Tigers live from 20 to 26 years.
My web sites for information and photos
One website is en.wikipedia.org/wiki/tiger
Another website is allabouttigers.voila.net
Another website is www.lions.org/types of tigers.html
And I got my Images from google images.
Thank you for waching!
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