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Redesign of the monthly Evaluation form in E-comm

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Zuzana Kummer

on 26 January 2014

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Transcript of Redesign of the monthly Evaluation form in E-comm

Redesign of the monthly Evaluation form in E-comm
look at the current process – Swim Lane and SIPOC diagram
feedback from associates via online survey
measure time spent filling up data and the actual evaluation form for all three E-comm teams
measure time spent filling up the other two forms that Supervisors avail of – PFP and Top Performer
create Pareto chart based on the measurements
Current process – Swim Lane and SIPOC diagram
Wish list from the Supervisors
Survey from associates
Pareto chart
Fishbone Diagram – determine root causes
Create Benefit/Effort Matrix - effort to resolve each root cause versus time benefit

test prototype of the form based on data available from a previous month
request a new feedback from associates - survey
train Supervisors to complete the new monthly evaluation form, share with the rest of the Leadership Team
work on an official announcement to E-comm
evaluate the current monthly evaluation process
eliminate the duplication of data entered into different Supervisor forms
roll out a new monthly evaluation form on February 01, 2014
use root causes from the Fishbone Diagram and the results from Benefit/Effort Matrix to start redesigning the new evaluation form
change evaluation rankings from O, E, M, D to B, A, N, D based on HR approval
weight different behaviors of E-comm work
engage with Excel experts on my Six Sigma team in the redesigning process
create one master file and pull out data to other two Supervisor forms – PFP and Top Performer

Vytas Kazlaukas
Laura Rico Fernandez
Rafael Morala
I think it will be useful
if we could compare
performance with
using graphs
evaluation with Graphs
Showing the progress
on each area Year to Date
Paired with Department's
average on each area

More visual and InTuitive.
of time to our Supervisors.
IT'S VERY Clear, WE can check
if we are improving or not,
in which areas we are improving.

Survey about the new monthly evaluation form
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