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Conflict in Mean Girls

No description

Mackenzie Gipple

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Conflict in Mean Girls

Conflict Styles: Competition
Handling conflicts "my way"
High concern for one's self and a low concern for others
Results in a Win- Lose
Variables in Conflict Style
Gender & Culture
Conflict Styles: Avoidance
Definition: a non assertive way to ignore a conflict, using both verbals and non verbals.
"Lose-Lose" situation
Conflict Styles: Compromise
Definiton: the act of two people engaged in a conflict giving up a part of their goals in order to reach a middle ground
"Lose-Lose" Situation

Examples from the Movie

Regina steals Aaron away from Cady with the rumors
Cady tells Aaron Regina is cheating on him
Janice turning all of Regina's friends against her
Conflict Styles: Accommodation
Definition: Allowing others to have their way instead of asserting our own point of view.
Result in a Lose-Win
Examples from the movie
Examples from the Movie
Cady eating lunch alone in order to avoid any conflict.
When Cady does not tell her parents how school went, she avoids them.
Seeing Aaron and Regina kiss and running away as a result.
When in conflict, more competitive towards men but avoid women
Focused on being powerful
Communicate less and indirectly
High intensity behavior
Indirect aggression (I.e. gossiping and backbiting)
More likely to make compromise

Individualistic Culture-competing conflict style
Collectivist Culture-compromising and problem solving conflict style
In N. America, direct confrontation is appropriate
In Asian cultures, avoiding confrontation is an act of "face-saving"

When Cady doesn't join the math club
When Janice convinces Cady to spy on Regina
Cady listening to whatever Regina tells her to do
Conflict In Mean Girls
Conflict Management
Share and Listen
Generating Solutions
Share your needs with others; language of responsibility
Through listening, understand the details of conflict
Examples in Mean Girls:
Junior class gets called to gym after Burn Book catastrophe
Needs are shared within different cliques
Softball team confronts fellow teammate about attitude
Share their needs while other teammate listens to understand conflict
Create a variety of solutions (quantity)
Examples in Mean Girls:
When Janice, Cady, and Damien develop multiple solutions to destroy the plastics and resolve their conflict
Give Regina foreign bar to gain weight
foot cream v.s. face cream
Manipulate Gretchen to thinking Regina hates her
Ruin Regina's relationship with Aaron
Get him to catch her cheating
Cut holes in Regina's shirt
Who is going to do what; satisfy everyone's needs and resolve conflict
Examples in Mean Girls:
End of movie when characters find solutions within themselves and others
Regina finds peace by joining lacrosse; release anger
Gretchen joins another culture
Karen becomes weather host
Cady goes to original roots
Janice gets a boyfriend
With Conflict comes:
Accommodation, compromise, competition, avoidance
Culture and Gender
Share, listen, generate solutions, implementation
Mean Girls:
Not direct, revengeful
Situations aren't used most effectively
Can use these concepts and steps to understand and control conflict
Real-world application
Examples from the movie
Cady ditches class with Damian and Janice in order to be friends
Cady stays home from going to Madison so she can have a party.
Tutoring Aaron and not telling Regina
Movie: Mean Girls
Chapter 11-Managing Conflict
Conflict Styles
Variables in Conflict
Conflict Management
Chapter 11: Managing Conflict
Examples From the Movie
Men in Conflict:
Aaron Samuels ignores Cady and doesn't acknowledge her
Women in Conflict:
Regina talking behind Janice's back
Examples From the Movie
North American Conflict style:
Regina directly confronting Gretchen about "Fetch"
Defined: process of limiting the negative aspects and increasing the positive aspects of conflict
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