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Attack on Pearl Harbor

No description

Bianca Anleu

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of Attack on Pearl Harbor

Attack on Pearl Harbor
Dec. 7, 1941 country's involved:
United States of America
Japan Major Leaders:
Admiral Isoroku Yamanoto
Vice Admiral Chuichi Naguno
United States:
Admiral Husband E. Kimmel
Lieutenant General Walter C. Short The attack on Pearl Harbor was a suprise attack from Japan in O'ahu, Hawaii at the Pearl Harbor military base. Japan's plan was successful but did not sink the Pacific Aircraft carrier. Today there are several memorials, including the USS Arizona Memorial. The memorial recognizes the service men and women that have died because of a bombing that killed 1,177 workers. At the visitor center, there is video showed to describe the tragic event. Then after the video there is a floating memorial out in the Pacific Ocean that visitors can sail out and visit. As a result of the attack, new technologies emerged like:
better radar systems
smaller submarines
aircraft carriers improvements
jet engines were created
code breaking
sonar "A date which will live in infamy!" Map of Pearl Harbor Seven and nine o'clock were around the times that the Japanese laid a string attack (bombing) on the U.S. It about killed/ wounded 3,500 Americans. This suprising attack, brought the United States into World War II. The USS Arizona going down. The success of the attack
surprised the Japanese as much
as the Americans. 18 American ships were hit. The Japanese were not 100% successful in their mission, they missed three of their main targets. More than 180 U.S. aircraft were destroyed. Oil is still leaking out of the ship,
a few drops at a time. American forces at Pearl Harbor had a few clues that they were about to be in danger.
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